Monday, December 27, 2010

Water Fun

Let me share some funny stories with you, because our home (and life) seems to be full of them.. Jayden is a water bug. He always has been. He lives to be in the water, except when his eczema is scabbed over, but we won't discuss that small issue. The point is he adores water in any and all forms. This child has never run screaming or complained of bathing in his life; he'd be over the moon if we permitted several baths a day!

So with the knowledge that summer is suppose to be here, and by "suppose" I mean, we shouldn't still need woollen socks, jeans, and jumpers. We should, in all fairness, be in shorts and t-shirts and barefooted... but I'm getting off track. The point is, with summer upon us Jayden has been begging for a water gun. I've ignored his please and managed to escape this need for some time now. It's not that I have a problem, per say, with a water gun, it's that the weather just hasn't been water gun warm enough.

My boys have also always been mistaken for twins. No joke. When Morgan was an infant he was 5 days younger this one of his cousins. When the two would be out in public the question always came up. Then Jayden arrived, and he was a very tall baby. He caught Morgan up in height and has never looked back. I'm constantly asked if they are twins, so when I purchased the kids swim suits for Christmas and they weren't with me I nearly fell over when the fellow asked me if I had twins. I was completely taken aback until I realized what I was purchasing. 2 matching swimsuits in the exact same size (12's for the record.. Holy Stinking Cow!), 2 pairs of sunnies the only differing feature was a truck or car on the side, and 2 small nerf guns that could clip on their pants. Needless to say the clerk was taken aback when I informed him I was not the mother of twins. Mr S and the boys laughed themselves silly when I told them I was asked if I had twins, that was before they saw the gifts.

Christmas morning dawned bright, warm, and down right beautiful. After gifts were open and breakfast was consumed Nana walked outside and announced to the boys that they'd forgotten to open a package each from her. The boys were in awe as they'd all ready opened their gifts from Nana, but they didn't hesitate to rip the paper off and scream like maniacs when they discovered she'd bought them matching water guns that can hold a litre plus of fluids at one time!

Swim suits were donned, cousins were rounded up, guns were filled with water and the noisiest, wettest, funniest water fight you've ever witness ensued. These crazy toys can squirt the entire length of the cousin's back garden so the boys had quite the range on them!

Needless to say, cousins needed hoses to help defend themselves, and that blob of yellow in the right hand corner, that's a pile of sponges. Some of us threw a few of those down onto the water fighters, until they attempted to turn the hose on us. Then some of us withdrew to the back corners in an attempt to save cameras from getting ruined!

It kept them busy for the better part of an hour and then a few couldn't handle the cold anymore and it was suggested we conserve the water for a while. Funnily enough, I supplied my guys with new suits and skipped the idea of new beach towels this year.. normally a staple with a sand pail under their stockings (or in place of a stocking) this didn't stop a certain little water bug though...

Nope, not one bit. He decided to blunk his bottom inside a pail of cold water and "drip dry" right into the bucket. His cousin decided to give it a go too and see how it worked. The best part? When we told Jayden he needed to come dry off so we could slather him with eczema cream the wet of his body and suit caused a suction in the bucket and we had to pry the bucket off of him. This caused another round of laughter followed by the unmistakable sound of a suction cup being pried loose!

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