Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Mr S. surprised me with a fun new camera for Christmas. I've mentioned a few (dozen) times that I needed something light that I can stick in my pocket or bag. Mr S is our official photographer around here and his camera weighs a few hundred pounds. Okay, not really, but man it's heavy and it's not the kind of thing you'll pull out to go on your daily walk. Or, at least I wont, he does.

I tend to come home from my daily walks on the beach and the boys pester me with all sorts of questions as I unload sea glass and other finds from the beach. They want to know all about what I've seen and are always disappointed when I take them down later and the same items are no longer there. Like the day I spotted a chin strap penguin on our beach, or the mummified shark (complete intact), or when our silly dog tried to sniff the oncoming horde of crabs attempting to burry themselves in sand.

Anyway, Mr S picked out a camera he felt would fit the need I'd mentioned and there was much delight when I discovered it on Christmas morning. In fact, I was so taken aback I actually asked him if it was the real thing of would I find something else hidden in the box! After all, he did wrap a dvd in an old keyboard box to throw me off.

Now this nifty small camera has a huge manual with it. Huge in the fact that it's twice the width of length of the camera. As I was thumbing through the manual on Christmas Day I noticed something that grabbed my attention. It stated that the camera had a mode where it would recognize a human face and then a smile on said human face and it would only snap the picture when the human face had smiled. I found the entire thing very funny and mentioned it to Mr S who instantly popped my camera into this mode. Then I asked people to help me test it:

It picked up this beautiful smile instantly when Mr S tested the mode.
It was happy to take this photo too with two smiling faces in it.

We told Nana to smile big for the camera, and when it didn't recognize her smile she did this.
Which caused this reaction on the other side of the table, Mr S is actually attempting to wipe away tears of laughter!
The moral of the story is, never attempt to test your new camera modes on people jacked up on Cheezles and Sparkling Grape Juice because clearly the excitement is just too much for them! All though personally, I still think it was that liver and salmon pate but I might be wrong.. 

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