Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa Sacks

Have you ever had a Santa Sack? Nope, neither have we, but we thought it would be a lot of fun to make some this year. In fact, I was finishing them off on December 23rd in a bit of a rush as I only decided to make each family member one the evening before! I know, but honestly when an idea strikes I can have a really hard time shaking it until I try it out.

My kids have never requested anything from Santa Clause. We've always made it quite clear from the start that the gifts given on Christmas morning come straight from Daddy & Mommy. We have nothing against the big jolly fellow dressed in red, we simply made the choice because we wanted to keep our focus on the God's gift to us.

Mr S's

This Christmas we stayed with family over the Christmas holiday, and we thought it would be easier to stick each family members gifts in one sack and not worry about leaving any behind (which I did anyway) or lose them once we got there or cause great chaos up on Christmas morning. Plus, a Santa Sack is a rather traditional part of Christmas morning here in Australia.. or at least amongst Mr S.'s family.


The history behind them is that when Christmas trees were first being put in homes they were quite expensive and not everyone could afford one. Families who couldn't left a sack or pillow case out for Santa to fill for them instead. Many families still chose to follow this tradition or simply use the sack in place of gift wrap or even with gift wrap.

Mine, because you can be sure the guys didn't want a ruffle!
The boys sacks are a bit bigger because we tend to be a bit more splurge"y" for them. In fact, the items I'd picked up for their stockings didn't end up fitting after I put a few sweets in, which meant they had a larger stash of goodies in their sacks then they'd normally get. Mr S and I tend to give each other smaller gifts so I was happy to make ours a bit smaller.

However, some of them were also based on what material I had stashed away. I had enough muslin (or calico depending on where you're from) left over to make the boys identical bags (no wonder people think they are twins) with different appliques on them. I also made the base of the bags a different color for the ease of knowing which was which at a quick glance.

I had a lot of fun whipping these up and didn't measure it at all. I just went with what looked like the right size and based it on what I had as well. The boys applique is made from felt that I blanket stitched around with my machine. The smiles were satin stitched to make them big and full. Mr S's and mine are basically the size of a pillow case but with a drawstring. The boys are slightly larger.


Twisted Cinderella said...

Those are really fun! What a great idea!

Tracey said...

Those are really cute!