Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pillowcase Fun

That quilt shop we were in when the boys spotted the Discovery Bags also had some fun fat quarters all over the shop. While looking through them as I waited for the clerk to ring my mother-in-laws purchases up I spotted a fat quarter with some turtles on it. It made me smile because Morgan has been asking for a turtle. He hoped if he couldn't get one for Christmas that maybe he'd be able to get ons for his birthday in February.

The problem is that too many people in Tassie obtained turtles as pets and then discarded them in various waterways around the state. Due to the eco upset on the environment it is now illegal to own a turtle in this state without a proper license for it. Add insult to injury from what little information I've been able to obtain about this once you get your license you might find it really hard to obtain an actual turtle. Rumour has it that you can't have them imported and because it's equally illegal for pet shops to sell turtles that means you'd have to find someone who owns one or breeds them. Then there are about a million questions that no one seems capable of answering.. Needless to say, Morgan isn't getting a turtle for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I doubt he'll get one for his birthday either which is kind sad. Morgan rarely places requests for things and so asking for a turtle was a big deal for him. (He also asked for a pogo stick, which I'm having no luck finding either, and nearly mobbed some guy to beg to know where he got his fancy one from, but unfortunately he was on the opposite side of the road as I was..) Anyway, that fat quarter called to me and I decided to pick it up and make Morgan a pillow case out of it. I would have much rather made the case with the larger portion being turtle, but when you've only got a quarter meter to play with you do what you can do.

So instead I picked up a half metre of the plain blue and I paired the darker blue turtle material up with it. It was super simple and while it's not a real turtle, I know Morgan will appreciate the thought that went into it. Plus, those little turtles will take a whole lot less time and effort then a real one.

Not to leave Jayden out Mr S picked out a fat quarter loaded with dogs. I was leaning towards the one with double decker buses and maps of England, but Mr S this was more Jayden so we went with it! I really love the expressions on the dogs faces. You can't quite see a full Dalmatian face in that picture, but she's equally cute too.

I paired the dog material up with a half meter of brown which I thought looked quite nice. The red on this pillow case and the maroon on the other one are bits I had at home all ready. I always like throwing the extra color in just for fun.

I didn't make these quite the same as I normally do which meant I had to hem the cuff. Normally I double the width of the cuff so that it catches in the seam on both sides, but I was working with limited material this time. They still came out quite nice and I suspect that I'll have a hard time convincing the kids to take them off their pillows so we can wash them!

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