Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Sugar Rice Krispie Treats

I've been experimenting around here in an attempt to make some Rice Krispie Treats. It wasn't an easy feat, because my original idea, while tasty, was a total flop in my opinion!

Jayden disagreed entirely and said they were, "GREAT!" and that I should make them, "Lots more often!" I, however didn't think that they were great when they fell apart if you just looked at them.

The first try, while in theory, should have worked was just not happening. I made homemade marshmallows, melted them down, mixed with butter, added the cereal. They looked right, but they just didn't stick together right. So, it was back to the drawing board.

After debating the next approach I decided that since my 'mallows were all ready in the "melted" stage when I mix them up why not just toss in the cereal then? So I did. They lacked a small amount of flavor, which was clearly the missing butter, but other then that they were fine. They stayed together like they should have, and they disappeared just as quickly as the ones that didn't stay together. Clearly we decked ours out a bit more then normal. Wanna deck yours out too?

After making your treats up, and I really have no specific recipe for them either. Just use the mallow recipe here, and add cereal until it seems right. I actually made a half batch up and used about an entire box of cereal. I say "about" because Mr S didn't know it was in the cupboard for a recipe and served it up to the boys and treated himself as well. Not a big deal, I still had plenty left. I was able to fill a 8x11 pan which I greased with Gee. So back to decking them up for the holidays! Use a Christmas Tree cookie cutter and cut out as many trees as you can, save the scraps little people love to nibble on those too!

We used these malt balls and cut them in half to add baubles to our trees. These are sugar free, but they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. We don't have the often, but I will admit there's a couple of bags in the cupboard for a couple of different stockings belonging to a couple of little boys I know.. 

Place on a really cute plate and sprinkle very lightly with some 100's and 1000's (aka sprinkles) then serve them up.  I must say that I really think that plate is cute, but if you think I have this weird fetish for snowmen then I guess now is the time to admit I adore moose as well, and I'm pretty certain Caribou can pass for moose.. Plus this really cute kid I know gave me the plate for my birthday, what can I say?

See, it came as a set! The story goes like this.. Morgan had a list of things to buy for my birthday, and when he got to the shop he tried to convince Mr S they should get everything on the list. Mr S told him that wasn't a good idea and that perhaps they should each just pick one or two things. There was a near knock down drag out over who was picking Beauty & The Beast to buy for me. Apparently it was the only thing on Jayden's list, but it was only one of many things on Morgan's. Because Morgan had more items on his list it was suggested he pick something else. Thus the plate, which came with this really huge plastic cup too!

Here's what the other plate looks like. Funniest part? My kids have never believed in Santa Clause. Ever. Really, it's true. In fact, one year my brother asked Morgan what he hoped Santa was bringing him for Christmas and Morgan gave him a funny look and said, "Uncle D! Santa Clause isn't real, so he's not bringing me anything!" Unfortunately, for all the tellers at the bank, clerks at the shops, and the Santas sitting in shops waiting for kids to clamber on them they always got the exact same answer too. 

And just to make you really laugh, I got this card in the mail the other day... from my brother. He use to tell me, when we were kids, that he was older then I was because his birthday came first (October vs November) and I use to freak out every single time he said it and if I recall correctly I use to ask Mom if he was right about it. I'm pretty sure we drove her nuts with it. Needless to say, I rolled with laughter when I rescued the card from my children who were oohing over a couple of pictures of their newest cousin, and the pictures were downright adorable, you'll just have to believe me on that one!

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Tracey said...

They really look good. My kids want to make the homemade marshmallows.