Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nativity Cookie Boxes

I decided to share a proper photo of our cookie boxes because the photo I'd shared on the original post was not a box of Nativity Cookies. It was simply a random box of cookies that fit the post I'd written.

So here's what a box of our cookies tends to look like when we give it away. On the top you'll see (L to R) Peanut Butter Cookies, Ginger Bread Camels, 7 Layer Bars, Haystacks. Everything else was under it in another layer except for the fudge and candy canes. Our sugar-free fudge was super tasty, but with the wonderfully warm weather we had on Christmas Eve I decided not to put them in the boxes for fear it would melt all over.  You'll also notice that the chocolate"y" items I did include are separated from the other bits by a small piece of wax paper. Normally I do fun little muffin or mini loaf baking papers, but I forgot to scout some out this year and this way worked just as well!

Instead I took the entire pan of fudge with me and told people to be sure to help themselves and take some home after I explained why it wasn't in the box. I could have made it slightly differently and I think it would have held up better and not been as prone to melt, maybe next year.

As for the candy canes. I was short on ribbon to tie the boxes up with so I used the candy canes on the top instead. Morgan printed and cut out the story that goes with the boxes and taped them up under the tails of the candy canes.  As a side note here, the candy canes are the only bit of the boxes that were not sugar-free. For our own box I simply used the peppermint starburst style candies as that was the only way I could get them without sugar. Jayden was slightly miffed because he really wanted a proper candy cane, but he also knew what having one would mean for him so he decided to sulk a bit and move onward.

You can find the Printable Card for these here, if you're interested

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