Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy First Day Of Summer

We've been dreaming of this day for so long, of long summer nights. Of walks on the beach, and swims in the ocean. We've been longingly awaiting summer's arrival. It was with great joy and anticipation the boys flipped over calendars this morning, and honestly I don't know what impressed them more.. The beginning of summer or 25 days until Christmas. It was a close call.

Now that summer is officially here there's long lists of things we hope to do, from camping out long enough for Jayden to spot a wombat to swimming as many times as possible in the great vast of water better known as the ocean. There's dreams of the ice cream machine running and family bike rides. There's hopes for long lazy afternoons at the park and dinner cooked outside.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture! I have to admit that sounds so strange to have those to words in the same sentence; "Summer and Christmas in 25 days." I forget your half way around the world.

Enjoy the summer, we're having a blast of arctic air this week and for us Floridians it's FREEZING...32 degrees here this morning warming to 65. Brrr!

Many Blessings!