Sunday, December 5, 2010

God's Precious Gift..

Our Christmas books have made their appearances in our book basket over the past week We've pulled various ones out and read them in whole or part as they've applied to our current unit study.

On Monday I'd pulled out God's Precious Gift In A Manger and read it again to the boys. We read it every Christmas. The story starts at the beginning of the world with creation and goes on until the arrival of our Saviour in the manger.

While the message inside of the book is a beautiful message, and one we enjoy hearing every year, the pictures always blow us away. They are just amazing. The cover of the book honestly just doesn't do the interior enough justice, so we decided to snap a couple of photos to share. It was hard to limit it to only a few though..

Here's Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit. Personally, this fruit made me think of a mango/passionfruit cross. 

I was having flash issues here, so that white line near the spine shouldn't be there. This is why I leave photography up to Mr S, but sometimes I get impatient.. Can you see the handful of sand that Abraham is spilling?

Here's David and Bethlehem off in the distance. I never really pictured him much with a goatee, but that's all beside the point. The boys are disappointed each year Goliath isn't in this picture, and then we remind them that this is David all grown up.

And then there's Jesus in the manger which is an absolutely gorgeous picture as well. I love that it looks like there in a cave more then a wooden stable. But, even if it weren't the picture is just amazing. It's most certainly one of our favorites! 

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