Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

One of our family Christmas traditions is to make Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas breakfast. It all started when Morgan was a baby and I was up in the wee hours of the night and morning with him. I'd started reading the Goldy series of books by Dianne Mott Davidson. The books are about a caterer named Goldy. Throughout the books Goldy solves various mysteries while balancing her catering business and family life. Each of the books contains various recipes that Goldy makes in the books. In the book Catering To Nobody Goldy makes Monster Cinnamon Rolls, and I thought it might be fun to make them. So I put it off until Christmas, because a recipe like that seemed more applicable to a special occasion.

Thus the tradition began.. We've had a Christmas or two since then when we didn't enjoy the tasty treat, but we always subbed with something else. In fact, our first Christmas in Australia with the boys I picked up boxed muffin mixes, cinnamon actually. Now, we make them up early in the month and pop them in the freezer. Before we open presents the oven is preheated, and once we are done the rolls are ready to be devoured.

Needless to say, on Friday, when Jayden opened our reindeer and discovered it was time to make our annual cinnamon rolls he was ecastic. His eyes lit up and he squealed, "Oh I LOVE cinnamon rolls! I can't wait to eat one! I can eat one today too, right?" Then, after the moment wore off he said, "They are those things we roll up and eat right?" 

He was game to help me make up the dough this year too, all though it's always a tough call as to which has more flour in and on it.. the mixing bowl or Jayden. This year wasn't any different. Unfortunately, Mr S wasn't home so there's photo as proof this year, because I was too busy trying to get Jayden outside  so I could sweep him off. Yes, sweep him off. Yes, it involved a real broom. It also involved the dog barking.. a lot. Apparently he wanted to be swept too, which is weird because his thanks for buying him a brush was to promptly chew it and then bury it. He's even stolen the neighbors dog brush, chewed it, and yes, promptly buried it. Our dog has issues..

The recipe is really very simple, and we always use the same one each year. However, because my children haven't reached the, "We're real teenagers and thus truly starving.." stage and are only in the, "We're nearly teenagers and we think we're starving.." stage I cut the rolls into many more then 12. In fact, this year I managed to get about double that. 

The only things I do different from the original recipe are to make the dough in my breadmaker, I mix it there, and let it rise on the counter in a bowl. I also use coconut sugar in the filling. Now, this can be a bit tricky because while it measures scoop for scoop the same and as it sweetens the same as cane sugar it bakes a bit differently. So, when you bake them (350/180) keep an eye on it. The sugar well melt and get all gooey in the bottom of the pan, but if you leave them in too long it will burn in the bottom of the pan even though the rolls themselves aren't burned. When the rolls are done, the sugar in the base of the pan gets all candy like as it cools.

With the icing you can use honey and stevia (2 T honey or Maple Syrup to 1/4-1/2 t stevia), and it's super yummy to use orange honey in the icing too! You could also use homemade icing sugar/confectioners sugar, simply put your coconut sugar in the blender and let it run for a couple of minutes. However, I honestly prefer to use stevia as our sweetener when and where I can. I'm also keen on these rolls without icing, but Mr S really really likes his icing.

Notes: The Goldy series, while good, does have some language in it. Unfortunately some of the earlier books in the series had an unhealthy dose of it. Just a prewarner incase you end up with an audio version. To freeze these, I simply follow the instructions up through the second rise and then pop them in my freezer on their pans. I do cover the pains in plastic wrap. Once they are frozen, you can pop them off the pans if you need to. I've also frozen extras (uncooked) wrapped in foil and popped them out as needed/wanted.  Lastly, you can also make these up using honey in the filling, we did that the year before we discovered coconut sugar. You will have the same "carmel/candy" issue going on with the sweetener in the base of the pan though, so do be careful!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking at your post on cinnamon rolls and I think the link to the "Monster Cinnamon Rolls" goes to some other site. Can you update it with a link to the recipe?


Kendra said...

Whoops! I've fixed it now. ;)