Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Stocking Traditions

A few years ago while searching the internet for a template for one thing or another I stumbled across this post. The lady mentioned that as a Christmas tradition growing up her family use to write notes to each other every day and stick them in each other's stockings. The idea wasn't that one person had to write a note to every person every day, but rather that you one not to one person each day and wrote to a different person each time.

I had every intention of putting this into play last year. Imagine the look of delight on the kids faces when they find all sorts of notes written to themselves, about themselves. Only, last year I decided to make Mr S and I each a stocking because we didn't have one.  In fact, one year before I'd used a regular old tube sock for Mr S,  only to discover it had a hole in the toe!

The thing is, when I start crafting around here everyone gets excited! Everyone wants to be a part of it, even if they are only the reciever. So even though the boys had typical red stockings with that fuzzy white muff around the top they really wanted Mommy to make them new ones. I was hesitant to make anyone a stocking because I'd actually made everyone really nice ones before we left America, but considering those ones were still locked away in storage somewhere I figured why not. And so the great stocking remakes of 2009 began and all remembrance of leaving people notes in their lovely new stockings went out the window when it became a race against time to get the stockings done!

So this year I'm determined to finally leave everyone notes in their stockings! I haven't decided if I'll have the boys do it too or not. I think it would be pretty sweet to get some notes from them, after all they've just made their grandparents Christmas cards (and just think Poppy, they don't even know what you're sending them!) and wrote the funniest notes inside. Jayden, for instance wrote: "Dir Pope, Tank u fr mi snofake. do u ike nectenes? I dot. Mare krismas." (Which is suppose to read: Dear Poppy, Thank you for my snowflake. Do you like nectarines? I don't. Merry Christmas.  And for the record, Poppy did not send him a snowflake, another homeschooler did, but Jayden is convinced it was Poppy!)  Sometimes, the funnest part of getting letters from the boys is deciphering what they say!

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