Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Parade 2010

It's always been a long standing tradition in our family to go watch the annual Christmas parade(s) in our area. It's something we did in America and we continue to do so here. Honestly, I love parades! I miss the big exessively long one we use to see in America. I'm talking so long you'd be luck if your rear didn't freeze to the sidewalk while you watched it. I recall taking quilts and getting up periodically to move just to keep from freezing. We are, however, grateful and content with the parade we can see here.. in the summer. All though the parade on Thursday happened on the 16th day of Summer, I will confess we were in long sleeves, long pants, and regretted not bringing a blanket.

There was much anticipation as we awaited the parade's arrival on our small stretch of the road. We could hear it long before we could see it and the boys became antsy. The minute we could see lights flashing Jayden jumped up clutched my hand and refused to let go as he stood there and waved to every single person in the parade. In fact he looked just like this through most of it:

You might think he was looking for the people passing out candies, or the motorcycles, or the horses (who weren't there this year), but no, he only had eyes for one thing..

And he didn't once complain they were too loud or cry because he was too busy waving like mad and wondering if the ambulance was coming and if it did if the man who came and fixed his leg would be in it today. He was sad that it wasn't present, only the St John's Ambo was present, and it was dead last just in case anyone in the parade needed to "drop out".

We think this is suppose to be Santa Clause, but we were more amazed at the size of those hands and how big the entire thing was! It hung off the front of a semi truck.

Then there was this bear. We're still in awe of it's size and wondering where on earth they found it. Not to mention where they store it, because clearly it's as big as that brick shop you can see in the background! Amazing..

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Kayla said...

Yepper your boys sound like mine, they love to go only to see all the trucks, police etc! XOXO Thats one huge teddy bear!!