Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Crafts

Now that our 2010 school year is finished up the kids are itching to dig into more crafting around here. We tend to follow a theme of picking a few crafts based on the same theme each year. For instance, it's traditional to do a candy cane craft and then watch our Legend Of The Candy Cane movie. I thought I'd share some of the fun craft ideas I've scrounged up around here over the past few days:

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Free Nativity Craft -- if you have roughly 13 toilet roll tubes at your disposal then here's a free craft you can enjoy. Simply print, color, cut and glue. I'm tickled pink to see all the cute little animals. My boys will enjoy doing this while we wait on our wooden people to arrive so we can make our own Nativity complete with a King Herod, Elisabeth, Zechariah, & John.

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Candy Cane Mouse -- okay so there's so many ideas for using Candy Canes that it's unreal. I'm going for simple because with this you can use felt, paper, or even craft foam. I'm planning on having the boys attach this candy cane poem and then hand them out to cousins on Christmas. I've yet to find any sugar-free candy canes here (big bummer), but we did locate some sugar-free peppermints which will be super handy to duplicate this cake. (We traditionally bake a cake for Jesus' birthday too, and then pull it out for desert on Christmas Day.)

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Christmas Veggie Skewers -- I did mention my family is big huge crazy on veggies right? We are. I can't keep them well enough stocked in our home. It's weird, but I honestly have several loyalty cards to various veggie sheds in our area because when the need hits for veggies we pop in to whatever one we're close enough to. So, I'm pretty certain this craft will thrill my kids to bits. I might even just surprise them with it for snack one day, and then let them remake them for Christmas Day.

Reindeer Craft -- I love having the kids make a handprint craft once a year (at least), and this one involves feet and hands. It's not the first time we've made it either. In fact, one year when the boys were quite young we made these by putting paint directly onto t-shirts and gave them away as gifts that year. This year I think craft foam might work and they can give them out to Aunts and Grandparents.

Homemade Gift Tags -- I found these fun print and color tags. Morgan's always really intent that we have gift tags. I'm not sure why. I usually scrawl silly names on the packages for everyone. Nicknames, real names, made up names.. It might be that he wants to use them himself or perhaps he's worried we need them for gifts for cousins and so on.. Either way he'll enjoy them.

Scented Ornaments -- these are annual tradition in this home. We make them every year and have since Morgan was 10 months old. We were hanging handprints on the tree this year and the boys were comparing their hand now to older ones. Relatives lodge complaints when they don't get them, and before each of you who didn't receive one last year complain.. I still have them.. just like last year's Christmas letter!

But most of these have to wait until we catch up on a few things around the house. Like making our annual cinnamon rolls and sticking them in the freezer for Christmas Breakfast and getting some ornaments made and in the post!

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