Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wild, fun, loud, and joyful Christmas. We spent the weekend with family playing lots of fun games and being the house that everyone in the neighborhood stared at, literally. During one hideous display of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" there was some scrambling and pointing and gawking, all coming from a neighbors home. And really, I can't blame them because I'm pretty sure my own ears will never be the same!

For the first year since Morgan was born my children slept in past six thirty, which had me a little concerned as I sat on the edge of the bed tapping my toes and wondering if I should scream, "Merry Christmas!" in an effort to rouse the house. Not being at home, I kept myself in check but do admit to waking one child.

We had a grand time at the park testing out Jayden's new Hover craft which is just amazing! There's new stuffed animals quickly making best of friends. And our very own Humphrey Hamster who invaded the fruit bowl and make quick work of the last wrinkly, less then desirable, nectarine. We're wondering what kind of adventures he might have in our own home!

There were video chats with far away family, and yes that's a giant water gun my child is pointing at the computer. He thought it was empty, until he pulled the trigger... Nothing was ruined but there was much squealing and scrambling, and grandparents who played along with the whole thing.

There were plenty of Christmas crackers, most of which the kids enjoyed making themselves. There were squeaky balloons, and green finger nails, funky red lips, and a few trinkets that we're still wondering what they are suppose to be. Plenty of typical nonsense style Christmas jokes, all though I'm still holding out hope that one day they'll actually be funny!

We've enjoyed a grand and wondrous Christmas season and are looking forward to a grand New Year before we finish packing away all the Christmas decorations and store the memories for another year.

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