Monday, November 8, 2010

Voting Begins

The Homeschool Blogger Voting Polls are open, and boy are there gobs of blogs to vote for! You should really check them out, if for no other reason then to see some of the more creative names I've ever seen. I was laughing myself silly with blog titles like Footprints In The Butter, No Fighting No Biting, & Tired Need Sleep. Really some funny names and great blogs!

Thanks to the many people who apparently read this blog and do not include my parents, my mother-in-law, or Mr S we've been nominated into 5, yes 5, different categories. I was in awe! You guys must really like the Aussie Pumpkin Patch, which is actually referred to as Pumpkin Patch over in the voting "booths".

You guys nominated us in: Best Homeschool Mom (that one really made me smile, you know... I pictured myself with a cape for a few fun moments until my seven year old announced that he'd flung the dog leash over the fence. Yeah, the 5 foot high fence that I can't actually scale.. it was nice while it lasted!) Best Crafts, Plans, & Projects Blog (this one was also touching, especially since I was up to my eyeballs in paper scraps from cutting out giant letters to spell Homonyms across the dinning room wall and attempting to answer the phone. Shockingly, it was the home ed lady wondering if we'd be home on Friday for a home inspection.. Thankfully she didn't want to come this evening because I would have freaked due to the amount of glue, scissors and paper laying around!) Best Methods Blog (You know, there's something slightly reassuring in knowing that other people out there can throw a modge podge of stuff together in order to create a complete study. Oh, do you think Modge Podge is a registered trademark type word and that I could get in trouble for using it?) Best Variety Blog (Okay, so this one didn't surprise me too much, but maybe that's because it's where I was last year? There was another blog in this same category last year that I enjoyed reading and when I had a major computer crash I lost the blog. Someday, I'll find that blog again..) Super Homeschooler (Okay really I promise guys I don't wear a super hero cape! I have, however, made a shiny blue one for a little boy who adores blue and was so sad that his brother got a bright red one for Christmas. I managed that cape without a single pattern or tutorial to help me along and I have always been downright proud of that cape. Seriously! I've even considered making a pink one, which I could pretend was made solely for giving to my niece, but really would be so I could try it on.. once, you know.. just to see how it feels for a little bit.)

I'm really awe struck that you guys (whomever you are) love this little blog that much! Thanks for all the fun nominations, it truly made my day!

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Tracey said...

You do a great job with your blog and you deserve to be recognized.