Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Resources

As a bi-cultural family we celebrate a lot of holidays in our home. It doesn't matter which country where in we still attempt to celebrate in style. It is, truthfully, easier to celebrate some holidays in their own home nations, but that doesn't mean we don't give it our best efforts elsewhere too.

Which means, despite the wonderfully warm weather, green grass, beautiful flowers now in bloom, and amazingly long light nights we're gearing up for Thanksgiving around here. Yes, it's slightly unusual to think of having a Thanksgiving Feast when there's no crunchy leaves on the ground or cool nights after a long muggy summer. It's equally funny, when you think about the fact that we choose to celebrate Thanksgiving as a reminder of God's faithfulness in helping the Pilgrims survive a winter and then proceed to have a great harvest the following year, that we're actually celebrating in the spring instead of the autumn.

It works for us though, and while it may seem slightly odd to me, I suppose it seems perfectly natural to my children as they have little memory of waking up on a bitter cold morning and getting rugged up in layers upon layers of clothing to survive the 5k run in their double stroller. You know, there are days when I think about Walton Hill that I wish I had little memory of it too, but then there are those Thanksgiving mornings when I pull out the old Turkey Trot shirts slap one on and go out for a non parade route 5k. Whatever works, right?

Anyway, we thought we'd share some of our favorite Thanksgiving ideas out there:

Paper Bag Turkey -- this center piece is filled with popcorn and my boys are dying to make this one! They can't wait to fill it up with popcorn place it on the table and trick an uncle (or two) into cutting it open. Jayden was over the moon excited when I told him that yes we could indeed ever single piece of popcorn.

Thanksgiving Printables -- Word searches, word puzzles, color by numbers, and a fun mad lib to try your hands at. I don't know about your house, but the only thing funnier then the hoots of laughter from the boys when Mr S is reading out a Mad Lib is the look of absolute hilarity on Mr S's face as he attempts not to laugh himself silly while reading out the final story!

Turkey Placemat with Pockets -- I didn't have any fun fall fabric, so I only made one of these and while it's cute it lacked the festive fall colors. It's sitting on our dinning room table as a center piece except when Morgan snags it for his personal place mat and sticks various crafting tools in the pockets! I also used the body piece to make Jayden a Turkey T-shirt (his hands were the feathers) and he absolutely adores it!

Pilgrim Bear Quilt Blocks -- I'm using the boy teddy to make Morgan a Thanksgiving shirt. He's psyched and very excited, but then nearly lost my fresh metre of visoflex in another store when he got distracted by the ugly shoes on the shelf.

Turkey Muffin -- I had to share a photo of this one so you didn't feel repulsed by the sound of a turkey muffin. I was so excited to see this creative snack idea. Most turkey ideas involve chocolate candies, cookies, and other sugary goodies that we just can't consume in our home. I was absolutely giddy when i saw this healthy, non sugary version and I can't wait to surprise the boys with these for snacks this weekend or early next week!

Apple Turkeys -- this lady used marshmallows and gummies, but I can see it with grapes, strawberries, and melon. I'm equally envisioning turning my kids lose to make this one on their own, and I'm pretty sure when they pull out a skewer to eat it one of them will scream, "OH NO!! You've eaten my bum feathers!!"

Fruity Turkey -- this is another one that made me giddy because there's no sugary candies in it! I'm also willing to be on this one that Jayden will nibble the toes first, just because that's the kinda boy he is! Unless, of course, I really use chocolate chips for the eyes. I'll probably used dried currants instead though..

Felt Thankful Banner -- we still have our fun Nature banner from last year, but this one looks like a lot of fun and Morgan really enjoys sewing by hand with felt. This would be a great project he and I could work on together if we make a run for more felt. We shall see if time permits, after all we have a beautiful doorway waiting to be decorated for Thanksgiving!

Tiny Turkey Sandwiches -- have I mentioned that my kids are addicted to sweet peppers? It's true. I can't keep them in the house, and it's a weird day if one manages to escape our clutches and rot. My kids love to eat them like apples and nothing makes their day happier then when i slice one in half and send them on their way. Add cute sandwich fun to the mix and they're set!

Turkey Math -- not only does Mrs Carol show some fun and creative ways to sneak Thanksgiving into math games, she provides you with a printable for it! How fun, I can't wait to print and laminate for a certain first grader I know. (I'm having printing issues with it, but I can't wait to resolve them!)

30 days of Thanks & Giving -- of course we'd have to mention our own Thanksgiving fun wouldn't we? We're not actually using this one this year because we're setting sail with Scripture Adventure's Thanksgiving fun, but we still have all our crafts from last year that will be displayed around the house..

A Thanksgiving Carol -- an Odyssey story. We love the gang from Witt's End and enjoy listening to many of these stories. The Christmas set is a big favorite around here and one year I'll remember to get the Easter ones in time for Easter. In the mean time we enjoy listening to the Thanksgiving story. I believe you can download it from the previous link or from here.

Origami Pilgrim Children -- print, cut, fold. Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy as Morgan would say.

William Bradford Movie -- you can see this terrific historical series on YouTube. It's broken down into 10 parts so it doesn't take as long to download. We use to enjoy checking these videos out of the library and getting the free copies of the coloring books to go with it, so this is a fun way to view the movie instead!

Cranberry Thanksgiving -- FIAR fans might find this youtube link fun. A little cheesy, but fun all the same.

You'd think after all that we'd be all turkied out, but honestly I love turkeys as much as I love pumpkins and snowmen. In fact, the other day I spotted a garden sculpture that was a turkey (two in fact) and was so struct by them that the boys had to ask me what was taking so long. Mr S was not as taken by the $100 price sticker on each of them. Can't say as I really blame him, it's a pity I don't own a welding torch!


Andrea said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! You just planned next week's school for me. :D Was it you that posted something about a christmas cookie to represent each of the nativity people? Where can I find that idea?!

Kendra said...

I did share about that idea on the FIAR boards I think it was. I haven't actually written up that information into a blog post yet, but since I was planning on it perhaps I can do that tomorrow! :)

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