Saturday, November 6, 2010

School Plans: Truman's Aunt Farm

This week we're rowing Truman's Aunt Farm. This is a bit of a funny book with a huge play on words. We're enjoying being able to cash in on some of the spring and summer titles around here, and considering the constant nest of ants outside this is a great title for us to row this week! Mind you, the boys are a tad worried I'll ask them to closely inspect bull ants and Jack Jumpers, but honestly I hadn't even considered that.

In Truman's Aunt Farm, Truman receives a birthday present from his Aunt. It's a certificate for an ant farm, but instead of ants in the mail, Truman gets Aunts. A lot of Aunts. A whole lot of Aunts. The book goes on to tell what Truman does with his new Aunt Farm. I'm pretty sure Morgan will get the humor in this book far more then Jayden.

Morgan and I have been discussing homonyms at random all year long. You see, as a new reader he found it odd that some words said the same things but were spelled completely different. So, I explained they had a special name and then he and I had a great laugh listing off as many as we could think of. Our intention had been to start a homonym poster, which we've yet to do. This week we'll finally pull out a sheet of poster board and get it going. We'll also enjoy this fun Larry Boy video.

We'll also be exploring tally marks, postage, letter writing, ants, and even stars. We're hoping to make a trip out to the city to check out the Planetarium now that it's back up and running again. We shall see how that goes. We've all ready learned about the different phases of the moon, but I'm considering making a moon notebook as seen here. (Thanks to Judy, one of our blog readers for sharing the awesome site with me!)

To go with our fun unit I've made another File Folder Book. This File Folder Book contains two different cover sheets because I couldn't decide if my guys would be content to have Truman's Aunt Farm on their cover or if they'd want their own names. It also has lots of little booklets for all the other little lessons that are in the Five In A Row Volume 3 Manual.
It doesn't contain any little booklets for science because Homeschool Share has a beautiful ant lapbook that we'll be using. I really love their animal lapbooks over there and we've enjoyed matching them up to the various unit studies we've been doing this year.

We'll also be making two different ant recipe this week. Don't panic, we don't do gross reality t.v. style recipes around here. All though there is a picture floating around of me with cockroach legs sticking out of my mouth, BUT.. I promise it was just a giant gummy candy. Remember when Harry Potter first hit the movie theaters? I found some of the candies mentioned in the stories at a local Wal-Mart when we were in America. I picked up the grossest ones for Mr S's stocking that year, only no one was brave enough to taste any of it after Mr S bit into a dirt flavored Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean. Being the nut that I am I ripped one of the CockRoach Clusters open and shoved it into my mouth much to the horror of Morgan and my poor niece who were a ripe old age of 3 I do believe. They both screamed while the legs were dangling from my mouth wiggling like crazy. For the record, it tasted like grape flavored gummy bears. However, I've digressed long enough..

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There's a recipe included in the File Book for a snack called Ant Sand, it's a cute snack that only has two ingredients. There's also a recipe for Ant Hill cake which, when cut open will look like it has ants in it if made with the secret anty ingredient. We'll be using raisins instead of plastic ants though unless we suddenly stumble upon some great little plastic ants.

Jayden was also given an ant farm a year or so ago by one of his Aunts for a birthday. It's not the kind that comes with a coupon for filling, but instructions for going outside and gathering your own ants. We hope to get that set up this week, but I'm not too sure about keeping it in the house.

We have a few other ant"y" things to do this week which are mostly crafts, but we'll also be working our way through this insect book, reading the Magic School Bus Ants In The Pants, and most likely watching the accompanying video again which can be viewed online here. The boys are crazy for the Magic School Bus videos. We might also take the time to watch the Bill Nye insect videos while we're at it. You can view them online here.

Notes: You can download the File Folder Book here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this!


Marion said...

Discovered your blog while looking for The Rag Coat activities. I have never seen the book "Truman's Aunt Farm" and it looked like a fun story that my son would enjoy rowing. When I downloaded the activities they are tiny! What have I done wrong? I bet there is some easy fix that I don't know about.

Kendra said...

Marion, did you download the pdf or the image? :)