Monday, November 29, 2010

School Plans: Christmas Fun

Normally, after Thanksgiving we'd take a month long break from school, but this year we've decided to keep going with a 4 week Christmas study! This has been something that's been long in the making, but something that's taken us a long time to follow through with.

Interestingly enough we're also attempting to keep up with our Christmas Craft Bags, all though I still need to finalize our list of crafts for this year!   I have been gathering up ideas here and there and have several from last year that we didn't get to make. So there's much excitement around here about these little things. We won't start them until Wednesday though.

This week we'll be using the Amanda Bennet Christmas Unit Study I shared information about last week. The boys are still a buzz about this after seeing the lapbook that I made to go along with it. This will be the blunt of our school for the week, along with math journals, and the boys choice of reading material. We're keeping it low key so we can fit in our other fun stuff.

We've also pulled out or Jesse Tree which we'll be doing daily. There's all ready been a few skirmishes over who will get to put the star on and who will go first. I'm pretty sure this happens every single year and somewhere down the line a child will forfeit a turn (or more) in an attempt to move themselves in position to be the one to put the star on.

I picked this up, on sale, over at Currclick for the boys Copywork for the month too. I was debating making something up for them when I spotted this and considering it was only .50 I figured it would save me the time. I think once Morgan realizes he'll have the entire Christmas story written out in his own handwriting he'll be over the moon excited. He's always writing his own stories and books, so this will especially excited him.

Just in case we didn't have enough Christmas fun going on around here we're also gearing up to start this on December 1st. I picked this up last year when the Scripture Adventure products first arrived at Currclick. The Christmas Adventure is currently on sale right now too! There's one activity to do each day. Sometimes it's a craft, sometimes it's a baking adventure. They all look like a lot of fun!

Lastly, because our Christmas study will only be a 4 day study per week I thought we'd have some extra fun with science on Fridays. We use to do this more regularly and fell away from the habit. The Ultimate BubBle Book has been sitting in our book basket since the warm weather appeared and we've yet to do the science experiments (even though I think it was in our school plans a few weeks/months ago) I figured this will make a great week for it because one of our Craft Bag items was making giant bubble wands! I actually purchased this book used with Jayden in mind, but I'm suspecting we'll all have fun from making our own bubbles to testing them all out!

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What a wonderful month!