Thursday, November 4, 2010

School Plans: Bee Tree Again

All those wonderful Bee Tree plans I wrote about a few weeks ago? We still haven't really tackled many of them. The boys had back to back colds and we took time off for them to recoup. So now that everyone is well and we've all ready enjoyed our fun trip to The Honey Farm we're ready to set sail with The Bee Tree this week. Rather then tell you all about those plans again I thought I'd share a few of our Thanksgiving plans for the month.

Remember the ThanksGIVING Journal I shared about recently? We've decided, that while we may not be doing an entire month long Thanksgiving study this year that we're going to use this as a family. We're adding all the Thankful Bible verses to our Memory box, and I am quite tempted to post one here each day as well.

Each page comes with a Bible verse about thankfulness and a space to copy it over. This makes our copywork for the month simple, all though I will say that I do not always have the boys write the entire verse out. For instance today Jayden wrote a small fragment of the verse, "Always giving thanks for all things" where as Morgan wrote a bit more of it, "Always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" and I wrote the entire thing out.

We each wrote something we were thankful for after having a quick chat about not writing down the same thing each day this year. Then we each write some way we can give of ourselves each day. I must say I was quite touched when Morgan wrote down, "I can make dinner." Then I broke the news to him that we were having roasted chicken.  Morgan can't handle dead things so looking at a whole uncooked chicken sends him screaming. I told him it would be great if he cooked the rice and veggies though. He was quite relieved.

Last year we didn't write down ways we could give of ourselves and I'm really interested to see what ideas the boys come up with this year. Jayden decided today that he could clean a room for someone. I was intrigued by this generous offer because our living room was covered in legos. When I asked if that was the room he was going to clean he said, straight faced, "Actually I was thinking of going to the farmer's house and asking him if he needed a room cleaned!" Talk about cheeky!

When we finish the journal at the end of the month I'm going to bind all the pages we've made up and then we can pull it out again to read next month. I'm also considering writing notes on the back of the boys papers as, "Thank you for..."

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