Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Things

boys checking out the echidna under our fence
I was feeling the big need to bring my poor abandoned blog up to date this evening, but then I remembered that I still had to get in a thousand words or so for NaNo. You see, I started out on a great roll with NaNo, I couldn’t get the words down quick enough and kept hearing Mr S saying things like, “Honey, you’re going to type the letters off your keyboard again.” (That doesn’t annoy me at all, but he hates not being able to see the letters on the keyboards!) 
I managed to get myself well and truly ahead of schedule, which was awesome and amazing, because that’s rarely ever happened to me. I usually blame lack of time. The inevitable has happened though.. I’ve hit a road block. My story has done the whole “Inkheart” effect and taken a turn of it’s own. How dare it? I feel a bit like Fenoglio when he started ranting about how the story was his and had no right walking away from the plot and lines he gave it. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a talented author or a simple inkweaver writing anything for me! 
I was tempted to trash all 15,000 words, much to Mr S’s dismay, until I realized that if I did I might not make my quota in time. So, I keep plucking along. I’m still crossing my fingers I’ll make it in time. Not because I care so much about the official status of winning, but if I “win” I get a huge discount on the writing program Scrivner which I’ve been using this time around and have fully enjoyed! It’s completely and totally awesome, and I haven’t even checked out the tutorial that they suggest you set a “couple of hours aside for”! 
Hopefully I can sneak in some regular blogging this week at some point, we’ve been up to a fair bit like:

  • Planting our pumpkin seedlings in the back garden, we’re hoping they survive, the poor seedlings were a tad waterlogged. 
  • We also discovered some fun pumpkin plants in the side garden area where we had lettuces growing this past fall. Turns out the pumpkin the guys smashed after it rotted has started growing on it’s own! We’re excited to keep an eye on it.
  • We’re delighted to notice all our raspberries and strawberries seem to be in bloom. We’d hoped to expand our strawberry population this year, we go through a lot of strawberries, but we’re thinking we might just go pick our own instead.
  • Jayden is now sporting a swollen nose with a huge red line across his right cheek, his entire nose, and a quarter of the way across his left cheek. With the screaming that ensued when I found him I was certain I was going to see blood gushing everywhere. Apparently the game of “lets throw sticks over the fence” backfired on the poor kid. No broken nose, but boy howdy is he sporting a mark from the whole thing!
  • We have a fun field trip to our local Science Museum this week. We’re very excited about it’s sports theme. We shall see how it goes! Hopefully I can snap some decent photos, that’s usually Mr S’s job, but he won’t be able to join us.
  • The boys blessed me with Disney’s Beauty & The Beast (one of my all time favoritest movies in the whole wide world!!) for my birthday and they are desperate to watch it. They know it’s a princess movie, but they figure it’ll be okay because there’s a “Big hairy guy on the front, and he’ll probably keep it interesting.” Seriously love their funny comments.
  • We also have a fun review coming up about another spelling program called SpellQuizer, stay tuned for that one! Our family is gearing up for some fun to try this new programme out!
  • There’s also been a great hubbub in our home ever since I spotted a pelican on the beach, twice in fact. When I finally dragged the men folk down there, the silly thing had flown on and was no where to be seen. They were heavily disappointed and ask me daily if I’ve spotted the bird again.
  • The boys have been busy watching the neighbor’s grand Christmas display going up. I don’t think we shared pictures last year but a neighbor a block away from us has a beautifully grand display in his yard each Christmas. Nativities, Father Christmas, lights, trains, the whole nine yards. it’s amazing to see. He even has a beautiful chair anyone can sit in with the year above it for a photo, and he hands out suckers to all the kids too. It’s an amazing display, the folks right next door to him don’t do a terribly shabby job either. Anyway, he’s been putting up a few decorations each day for the past week plus now. We’ve had great fun seeing it’s progress.
  • Lastly, the Homeschool Blog awards end on the 17th of November. If you haven’t taken the time to check out all the fun blogs and vote you’d better hurry! I’d tell you exactly how much time you have, but I can’t do the US/Aussie time conversion in my current sleep deprived state of mind! 

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