Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Questions You're Dying To Hear Answered

Michele from My Blessing From Above tagged me in this fun meme! Enjoy.
There are eight questions that I have answered below and then I am to come up with 8 more questions to answer and then tag some fellow bloggers!  So here goes!  
1. What type of gifts do you prefer to give? Do you prefer home-made, gift certificates, store-bought, etc? We enjoy giving out a lot of homemade gifts, but there’s always that fear they won’t be quite right or up to standards. And, but standards I mean my own really. Morgan comes by his perfectionism issues quite honestly, know what I mean? I’m not big on giving gift certificates because they seem impersonal, but I do give them to certain people quite a lot because I’m often at a loss for what else to give!
2.What type of gifts do you prefer to receive? Honestly, I don’t mind receiving any gift for that matter, including gift certificates. One of our very favorite Christmas presents last year was gift certificates to the movies! That was such a cool, cool, cool present!
3. Do you stock a gift closet, or box, and purchase gifts throughout the year? I keep things in a box or in my closet, and now that the secret is out of the blog I might have to change my spots! I stock up on things as I see them. For instance, the other day I bought Morgan’s annual Christmas calendar. It’s a tradition in my dh’s family to give calendars and I always get Morgan the same one. I’ll also pick up small things when they are on sale or stick things on lay-by at the toy shop because then I don’t have to hide them at home. 
4. What is your favorite type of music? Do you have one? As long as it isn’t LOUD and SCREAMING I’m usually okay with it. There are certain stores I despise entering lately because not only do they play trashy music they play it LOUD. I’ve always had very sensitive hearing. However, I’m usually not picky so long as their are no obscene words and such in the song. 
5. Do you like chick-flicks, or not? Usually, for the most part. But they can be a tad predictable at times can’t they?
6. Do you have a hobby? Do you make time for it regularly? What exactly is time? Do you have extra you can share with me? I’m sure you’ve noticed we enjoy crafting a lot around here, and we do attempt to make time for it each week around here, but that doesn’t mean we always have the time either.
7. What is your favorite thing about where you live?Every place has its pros and cons.What are the “pros” about where you live? I live in Tasmania what’s not to like? Okay, so I like that we live on an island are never very far from mountains or ocean. Our wildlife is “unusual” and our birds are “exotic”. The downside is we have massive scary spiders, an unearthly amount of lizards and snakes lurking about and I’m constantly stuck driving behind the latest tourist. Those can all be burdens, but ones well worth suffering with for the trade offs of living in such an amazing place!
8. What is your favorite kids cartoon movie? Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. I saw it in Woolies two days ago and crooned over it. My children wanted to know what was so great about it.
Here are Michele's questions:
1. What is the most interesting thing about where you live?  Most people would probably say the marsupials. Me? I’d say say the ocean. It changes every single day, and we can often tell the weather from it. It can wash some really cool stuff up on the beach, and you’ve never beach combed until you’ve done it in waist high seaweed.

2) If you could go anywhere in the world and money didn't matter, where would you chose to go?  England. Hands down. All though, once you’re in Europe you might as well explore the whole thing...
3) What is a food that you cook for your family a lot? Tacos. My guys are ga-ga for Mexican and Tacos or Fajitas seem to make a weekly apperance around here. In fact, they were requested to eat on our upcoming camping trip. Ha!
4) What is your favorite subject to teach in your homeschool?
I have always loved history. Not the boring dry text-book form of history, but the hands on feel like you’re there history. My eldest has recently taking a huge liking to this very kind of history and loves to hear me tell stories about certain time periods or events. At the same time, there’s really not a subject around here that we can’t stand getting to!

5) What is your favorite movie that you have seen this year?  Movies, um... um.. Oh! Mr S and I rolled with laughter during Did You Hear About The Morgans? I mean we really laughed ourselves silly over that one. I also FULLY enjoyed The Proposal, but then I’m also a sucker for You’ve Got Mail and GreenCard.. you connect the dots there.

6) What is your favorite book that you have read this year?
Favorite book so far this year. Hmm, well my favorite book seems to be the one I’m reading at the time. You can keep up with some of the books I’m reading this year here, but I must warn you that I need to bring that list up to date!

7) What is the most interesting place that you have ever traveled to? Japan. There is nothing like standing in line in a hotel and being asked to sit down. That’s right, they had someone there directing people to sit down so the line at the counter didn’t appear long. Or, having a bus driver screaming at you in Japanese because you can’t understand him because the only line you know in Japanese besides hello is, “Would you like to come over to eat tonight?” The most interesting thing though was watching them scan our “baby’s” water bottle to be sure it was water. That was Amazing and I just stood there in awe while the goofy guard was grinning like crazy. I’m pretty sure I asked him to do it again. And, for the record, the Japanese really adore Spiderman. To prove my point, simply let your child walk through the airport with a GIANT stuffed Spiderman. We had a guard pop out of no where squat down, throw his arms up in the air and shout, “SPIDERMAN!” Scared the beejeepers out of me. Spiderman even earned the kids free jellybeans on the Qantas flight. 

8) What is your favorite book on homeschooling that you have read? 
Oh, hmm, well I honestly haven’t read a lot of them! I have enjoyed A Patchwork Of Days which allows you to peek into the lives of others and see how they homeschool in a day. There are some interesting stories in that book!

You know I always panic when people want me to tag other blogs, right? I'd hate to leave someone off and upset them, but then again you can equally annoy people when you tag them too! With that said, feel free to consider yourself tagged if you read this! 

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