Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Last night, I finished off my 50,000 words for Nano, and I pretty much looked like that geeky image to the left. Seriously. There was much rejoicing, clapping, squealing, fist pumping, and then Mr S sat up and said, "Oh, can we go to bed now?"

I'd post my winning trophy, but it's not available until the 12:00:01am (USA Time). So despite my wonderfully early finish I can't get my bragging rights for another 48 or so hours.

I was really sweating it there in the end too, because we have a busy weekend ahead and I knew there'd be little time to hash out a few more words much less sentences and paragraphs. Not that it fully matters, the story is far from done and a shamble of ideas and events with no actual flow to them.

You see, I had this amazingly wonderful idea for a story. One that I'd been tossing around and [mentally] talking out for some time, but did I write that? No. I meant to, I really did, but as soon as my fingers started typing there was a totally different story on the computer screen. The thing about being a parent is, we're full of great stories and ideas and apparently one of the other ideas I'd been tossing around found it's way to my fingers before the one I'd meant to write did.

This meant I had 30 days to write 50,000 words on a few subjects I knew very little about. Or maybe it's not that I didn't know anything about them, it's more that I didn't know enough about various aspects of it. How's that for completely weird and vague?

In the mean time I haven't totally forgotten about this poor little blog. Quite contrary to be honest. The entire time I was typing away I kept thinking about how November is suppose to be blogging month, or some such craziness. Which, for me, was completely ironic because I don't have much time to do such things during this particular month. Maybe it's funnier when you're suffering writers block and so tired your eyes sting and you've had to backspace and rewrite popcorn a half dozen times because you can't stop writing poocorn. Seriously, I was having major issues!

There was also some very funny stuff happening around here, like my children showing up to dinner in costumes. I know, you're probably thinking that's not weird at all, but let me finish.

Jayden showed up in a Spiderman Costume my parents bought for Morgan two years ago while visiting them in America. Jayden just handed down all his outgrown summer clothes to his big brother. Needless to say the suit looked like it was painted on my child, and when I stopped laughing long enough to debate pulling it apart (at the seams) to use as a pattern for making other costumes Morgan walked in.

Okay, wait he danced in. Mr S had to be pulled up off the floor, quite literally too! Remember that funny gymnast outfit the boys cousin's gave them? Yeah, Morgan was wearing it. Just that. He danced up to the table threw himself down in his chair with much flair and said, "Well, I'm here!"

It only got worse from there and I was laughing so hard Morgan looks up from what he's doing and says, "What's the big deal? Have I got sour cream on my face again?"

I think Jayden summed it up quite well for us when he said, "Oh for Heaven's Crying out loud I think you've done a bit of an overkill or something." Best part, he said it with so much sincerity he didn't even have a smile on his face. Seriously, people, I don't make this stuff up!

And if that's not funny enough, today, my first free day from mandatory writing, I was driving into town to pick Mr S up from the office and (don't start laughing yet.. do you do that? Mr S does as soon as you say you have something funny to tell him he starts laughing like a maniac!) Anyway, we're driving into town and the boys are discussing vikings which led to World War II (don't ask me how) and then Morgan said, "No, Jayden it was England vs.. someone, I'm not sure who hold on. MOM! Who was England fighting?"
Dead silence for about three seconds and then he says, "That's a bit awkward."
"Well, if in the first war (he means Revolutionary War) England and Germany were fighting together, so now to be fighting against each other must have just been.. I dunno, awkward!"
Yeah, the guy in the lane next to me thought I was having a heart attack I was laughing so hard.

Yep, it's good to be back!


Tristan said...

Congratulations on finishing NaNo! That's awesome!

And aren't kids crazy?

Butterfly said...

Loud laughs! Love those side-splitting moments.

I'm grinning for your success with Nano too, that must feel awesome!