Thursday, November 25, 2010

Letters Home: 2

Dear Mom Dad and Everyone else,
Can you believe Thanksgiving is here again all ready? I can’t. I mean, I really can’t! There’s no turkeys leering down from every advert, tv commercial, and store that I enter. There’s been no advertisements for the ever glorious Macy’s Parade, so while my calendar tells me it’s very nearly all most totally here I’m still in denial.
The boys aren’t though, but you wouldn’t have excepted anything different right? They’ve been dutifully marking off the calendar days around here making sure I’m fully aware of how many days we have left until the big T Day. And, as if the daily announcement of, “It’s 9 am and there’s only 3 more days until Thanksgiving!” isn’t enough for me, I decided to bade them a tad more and leave them insane questions about how many days we have left in their math journals. Morgan found it amusing and after writing 0 months, 0 weeks, and 3 days he loudly proclaimed, “It’s 1 pm, I’m hungry, and there’s only 3 more days until Thanksgiving.” 
I really was beginning to wonder what all the hullabaloo was with them, and then I tripped over four massive orange semi round objects while attempting to finish off laundry before the 4 day rain storm hit. I’ve come to conclude the boys aren’t so much as counting down to our Thanksgiving feast as much as they are counting down until we can carve the four funniest orange, semi American, jack-o-lantern pumpkins we found.
Yep, you read that right. We scored 4 of them! See, Charlie accidentally let Jayde’s pumpkin rot (a freakish orange one we found, but not a proper Jack-o-Lantern one) and so when the new season of very expensive carving pumpkins came into the shop he agreed to purchase one.. at the horrific price of $16.00. Which was a far better cry then the competing store for $23.00. 
Then, in a total cry of insanity I had to run to the grocery on the 31st of October in an attempt to find something that I totally forgot about when I walked in the shop and noticed that pumpkins were down to $5.00, in total doubt I took it up to the checkout and asked how much they were. Needless to say the boys were delighted to see us bring home 3 more!
At least this year I can sleep in and not fuss about getting up and freezing my rear off running the annual Turkey Trot. All though, I am still in deep wonder to know if they have finally achieved their goal of receiving a parade permit this year.  Charlie thinks I’m nuts, and he might have a point, but really there’s nothing like running flat out and having a Police officer stop traffic so you can cross the street. Never again in my entire life can I honestly say, “I ran by and the traffic stopped!” 
Of course, I’m still scrambling to find the Corn Pudding recipe, which would took a second seat to finding my recipe for making creamed corn. I know what you’re thinking, “What you can’t buy creamed corn there?” I can! Really, I can, but it all has sugar in it, and I’d prefer our Thanksgiving Feast to be peaceful and avoid a cranky 7 year old hurling mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie across the table because he thinks someone is looking at him funny. Mind you, he might do those very things anyway because Charlie made the huge mistake of telling him about a childhood food fight.. 
The turkey, however, is another story around here. Like I said, they weren’t leaping at me from every store catalog (wait, I’ll say ad because we wouldn’t want certain family members to think I’m going all Australian on them..) so there was quite the hunt happening around here to find an appropriate priced one. We managed three stores before finally setting on a meagre six pound turkey. I know, you can stop laughing now!
Okay, wait you can’t because you have to here this line.. So I’m checking out and the clerk says, “Wow, you’ve got a big one there!” I had a hard time not laughing as I remembered the 30+ pounds birds we use to by. I was simply pleased to walk out of the store and have paid less then $40 for a turkey. 
I’ve also been attempting to cover Pilgrim and Indians with the kids again for school, but it appears Morgan retained much of the information for the last 9 years of his life and he’s joyfully reiterated most of it back to Jayden, who really only remembered the information about his beloved Squanto. Jayden’s only questions when Morgan was done with the lesson were: “So, are the Pilgrims still alive?”
He wasn’t very impressed when Morgan told him no. He was equally disappointed to learn that he couldn’t meet Squanto or invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. He was, however, over the moon excited to know that Indians are still alive.. Apparently he’s completely forgotten the amazing Indian dances that we use to get treated to in the Christmas Parade. If you guys go to that one this year you’ll have to attempt to snap a few pictures for him.
The tradition of cooking the day ahead is still alive here, all though I’m really branching out this year and have promised something like 4 pies. That was before I remembered I only have 2 pie plates. You think anyone will notice if the pies are square? Surely not right, and we could just turn it into some insane math lesson!
We’ve also resorted to watching the Macy’s Parade on YouTube which is really interesting. You can only watch 2 minute clips of various floats and dance routines, or you can watch longer glimpses of it from peoples mega high apartments. Gotta, say, looking out the window and seeing Spiderman’s backside would be enough to give me nightmares! The boys took it all in stride and were only distressed when the parade would stop for a dance routine.
I’ve also finally told them about the tradition of American football on Thanksgiving. Without giving me a chance to say more then Lions and Cowboys Jayden instantly said he hoped the Lions would win and Morgan said he wanted the Cowboys to win. I broke the news to them, as kindly as possible, it just wouldn’t be traditional for either of those teams to win. We won’t mention last year’s shocking results will we? Of course, then the NFL had to go and mess with my head and have a third game happening so now they both want the Jets to win, which I told them was so uncool, but they weren’t buying that.  I figure that’s okay, because I can just freak them out with the news that there’s a turkey with six legs.
Anyway, we just thought we’d write and say Happy Thanksgiving and send our love your way. How strange is it to think that we’ll be eating Thanksgiving Dinner after you? It’s a pity they haven’t really invented those fun “Beam Me Up Scotty” machines, but I suppose that would just send customs right over the edge! 
Lots of Love,
From All Of us

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