Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's My Birthday and..

Today's my birthday and I thought I'd blog 10 silly, or just downright weird, facts. I'm not promising they are all about my birthday, but I suspect they'll make you laugh all the same..

1. Mom use to always make Peach Cobbler for my birthday. It's true! Even after I was married and had children of my own she'd bring me a pan of Peach Cobbler which was always my choice of food for breakfast. As I recall my family preferred crisps over cobblers, so for a quick fruited desert that's what Mom made. I, however, had to be the odd ball and preferred cobblers. Thus I was treated to one each year for my birthday. (In fact, as I type this at 10 pm the night before, there's a fresh can of peaches sitting on my kitchen counter.. the tradition lives on!)

2. I broke my arm when I was 11 or 12. I was horse back riding with a friend and fell off, only it wasn't the fall that broke my arm. Nope, it was my friend falling on top of me when I tried to get up. I bawled my eyes out and she had to help me get back up to her house. Her mom had her dad come in to check my arm out because he had first aid training. His classic line? "Did you hear a snap when it started hurting, if you did it might be broken!" I remember saying through tears, "I didn't hear anything, I just felt it hurting!"

3. I'm so allergic to mosquito bites that I now have this absurd fear of them. My mother-in-law's house seems to have an overabundance of them in her garden. I think they smell me and hone in for me. While hanging out there on Sunday I saw a mosquito land on her hand and I screamed mosquito so loud that I scared all four people standing next to me. One thought I saw a spider, another thought I'd hurt myself, the third had no idea what was going on, and Mr S attempted to whack the wicked insect!

4. When I was in labor with Jayden I went into the hospital wearing a pair of depends unders. Now, yes that's a tad person to tell you, but seriously hear me out. The thing is my water wasn't breaking in one big gush but in little bits and I didn't want to get my car seat wet. Anyway I got into the hospital and had to register because a nurse had told us we weren't allowed to preregister (which is another funny story) ANYWAY.. I'm sitting there filling out paperwork whistling Christmas Carols. The nurse asks what I'm in for and I said, "Oh, I'm in labor. My water broke." She jumped up out of her wheelie desk chair (which went flying across the receptionist area) and she stared down at my feet looking for a puddle of water. I then disclosed my secret as to why there was no puddle. She ran off for a nurse who found me still filling out paper work and whistling. She doubted I was in labor, but took me back and hooked me up to the machine and then in utter shock said, "I can't believe your singing with contractions four minutes apart."

5. I once asked for a dog for my birthday, and my parents cashed in on that wish! Only, my wish had funny clauses like, "It can't be a normal dog.. it has to be a dog in need of a home." So my parents contacted the humane society and it turned out they had a dog who needed a home asap or they'd have to put it to sleep. That became my dog. She had a purple spotted tongue and one ear that stood up and one that didn't. She could also say my name and if I wouldn't respond to it she'd say Mama to get Mom's attention. No, really she did! It was her way of asking to go out. I named her Libera which is latin for freedom because she was born on the 4th of July. She died the same year I was married.

6. I vacuum so much I've all ready extinguished the life of the head on my dyson vacuum! Mr S attempted a McGuyver fix on it, but when that didn't work he replaced the head. Which works awesomely well and two little boys made the mistake of saying, "Wow, it's so easy to vacuum now!" which means no more excuses for that particular chore to be undone!

7. I once had a half birthday party! It's true. We were moving from Ny state to Tn and we'd be moving before my birthday, so I had a half birthday party. The idea was to come half dressed up half not. I remember one of the ladies I invited came with make-up on half her face. My kids still think it's funny and asked if everyone only got half a slice of cake and half of a birthday present, but at the time I thought it was awesome!

8. Mr S has the insane habit of falling not just down the stairs, but up them as well! It's an unbelievable feat that he holds the amazing record on in our home. Now, if he tells this story the first time it happens is after I polished some stairs in a house I was cleaning. He raced up, and then down, them and fell all the way down. I never heard a sound and he was most offended I didn't ask how he was doing. Now, we hear him fall up or down the stairs often enough that we simply say things like, "Are you still breathing? Do I need to get a Dr?" I've also told him that when he gets older I'm installing one of those fancy schmancy chairs for him to go up and down in!

9. Year before last for my birthday Morgan gave me a laundry basket. Mr S rolled with laughter and thought it was the funniest thing out there. Morgan, unabashed, stated that, "I used the last one for giving Jayden a ride around the house when we were playing sled dogs and it broke. Mom always says she could use another!" He's right, and he was super excited when I pulled it out that day and used it. Last year, he gave me a craft book full of fun crafts to do. Once I opened the book he quickly flagged all the crafts he was hoping I would help him make, and then wanted to know if we could start on one, "right now, you know if you want because it is your birthday."

10. So I pick on Canada a bit, not meanly, but living 2 hours from the border I have that whole "we're better then you" joke down pat. I will make silly jokes about it, mostly to my mother-in-law because some of her family lives in Canada. When Canada Day came around and we did our Canadian Day lapbook, watched Dudley Do Right, and made Maple Cookies my husband was highly amused. When, however, I officially confessed that after all my chiding I really wanted a Canadian hockey jersey from the 2010 winter Olympics he rolled with laughter-- big time. I told him I could live with the same of owning such a shirt because it was symbolic to history. He continued to laugh, and I still don't have a Canadian Maple Leaf Hockey Jersey.. which, of course, I could never wear in front of my New York friends. They'd never let me live it down. I would, however, be completely safe with it in Tasmania.. As it is, I get mistaken for a Canadian all the time. It's slightly embarrassing..


Phyllis said...

Well, happy birthday! And guess what...my birthday was yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, love your blog!
My Birthday was also yesterday (8th) and I am not too far away, in Victoria. I was amused to read what you said about Canada, I visited for 3 months with a friend there and fell in love BIG time and yes, the accents do trick people! LOL

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


Tracey said...

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA!!! I hope you have a great day!