Thursday, November 11, 2010

Homonym Fun

This is a book I picked up ages ago for about twenty cents from a second hand shop in town.  Truman's Aunt Farm is a story about homonyms. Or rather, one needs to understand homonyms to get the punch line of the story.

This wasn't hard for Morgan to pick up on at all, and he had a bit of a laugh about it. Jayden, on the other hand, was really struggling with the punch line of our story. So much so that after we discussed Aunts instead of Ants he was pretty sure ants only lived in America & Australia. Why? Because we discussed that his Aunts happen to live in America and Australia.

To help him understand the concept of homonyms for language arts this week we pulled this book out and prepared to make our homonym poster. The boys thought the pictures inside this book were hilarious, and I must agree some of them were.

We took turns reading out some of the homonyms, and by the time we were done, I'm pretty sure we read them all. The boys chose which ones they wanted to read based on the pictures first. Using their method I decided to read the Knight * Night homonym because I thought the dragon and the Knight were pretty cute.

Then we finally cashed in on making our Homonym poster, the boys were tickled pink! We printed out the letters on various colored paper in a font we liked and then cut them out. We glued them to the top of our poster board and then I wrote some of the homonyms that we came up with after our "research" on the poster. We were out of poster tape & blu tack so we ended up using Sticky Dots, which are a huge pain, but worked quite well to adhere the poster to the wall! The boys are happy to see we still have room to add more to it.

Then, just for fun, we watched the Veggie Tale movie I posted earlier this week; and yes, we watched it right off the blog! The boys thought it was funny and could be heard singing bits and pieces of it for the rest of the afternoon.

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