Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bee Tree Wrap Up

Last Friday we only had a few fun things left to do with The Bee Tree. We spent the morning watching an echidna dig under our fence, but after that we were ready for some fun.

Mr S purchased a Bees Wax Candle Making kit last year for us from the local Honey Farm. He knew we'd use it, and he was feeling bad that we'd shown up a week late for our field trip! It's sat up on the school room craft shelf for a year and I finally pulled it down, much to the boys delight, and we set about using it.

It was really simple! You just warm the beeswax in the sun, cut a length of wick and roll up your candle. We tried all the different candles suggested and then decorated them with small bits of red wax that were meant for this very purpose. We also saved a sheet of the bees wax for Mr S to play with when he got home, he was very excited and made his candle right away too. Jayden made the four little candles, Morgan and I each made one of the medium/tall candles and one of the spiral ones. Mr S's don't happen to be in the above picture. The only downer to this craft was that I had to spend the entire afternoon answering the question, "can we light them yet?"

After that we pulled out our Gold Mining kit. The boys were stoked for this one too, and I was pleased to see them decide who would go first without a single argument. We then set the timer on my watch for 3 minutes and they'd swap every time it went off. In the end they each managed to mine 2 pieces each which worked perfectly!

They said it wasn't as tough as the Egyptian ones we did, but it was still tough work. They were more then willing to swap after three minutes hard work. And no, that baking paper did little to prevent getting "stuff" everywhere! Oh well, I tried. This kept them nice and busy for about 30 minutes or so.

This is what they looked like once the boys dug them out, so they took them in the bathroom and washed them off and came back super excited at the shiny "gold" they found. I had to remind them over and over that it was honestly Fool's Gold, but Jayden pointed out that even Fool's Gold could have a pinch of real gold in it. He was quite satisfied!

Can you see how shiny they are now? The second one on the right had a small sport we couldn't seem to wash off, but it didn't stop the boys from taking them outside and hiding them so they could take turns mining for them.

Here's all the candles all lit up! The boys were so excited to finally get to light them. Unfortunately it took a bit to light a couple, but once we got them going they were fine! A few need some candle sticks because they have the habit of tipping over, but nothing we can't fix.  We really had a fun week with this book.

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Pamela said...

OK, you had me when you wrote "we spent the morning watching an echidna dig under the fence"!! That is so amazing to this American girl.

Loved visiting your blog. I found you through the voting.