Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ballad of Matthew Begats

Ages ago when we started our New Testament study I had wanted to purchase this fun book. The pictures are just beautiful, and the cd/song was really helpful in making sense of all the "begats" as we read through the lineage written out in Matthew. The catch was that while CBD will ship as far as Australia, they send it via a boat. A slow boat. Probably the slowest boat. There's no exaguration when they state that it will take 6-8 weeks in stuff arriving. By the time we start to forget we ordered it, or begin to wonder if it was thrown overboard to help the boat move faster it finally arrives. It's often worth the wait, but when we found the same ballad online we opted out of buying the book. Slight pitty, because while we get the full fun of the song, the pictures in the book were more then worth the $2.49. 

Anyway, today we were discussing the lineage of Jesus, or rather Mary. I was trying to explain what a direct descendant was when I remembered this song. So I pulled it up and we played through it several times. We then had many fun and long conversations about the various people mentioned, especially the ones we knew more commonly or the ones that have a special "extra" near their name. For instance, the boys understood why King David had a crown, but they didn't remember why Solomon was gold.  They also wondered why on earth Uriah was shot off the tree, and once I told them of the story (and tried not to laugh while remembering the name of Uncle D's really annoying chow-chow) Morgan said, "Oh, that explains EVERYTHING!"

Now you have to understand something. Morgan is one of a kind, aren't we all? He can sit and ponder things for days, or weeks, or even months. He can hear one quip of something and have a dawning light pop on in his head that puts all his dots on the i's and crosses on the t's. So when he said that we were all at a total lost. You see, not only weren't we entirely sure what "everything" was now explained, the conversation we'd been having had ended and he was happily writing out something in his lapbook. However, not being one for suspense I said, "Explains what?"

"Well, I was just thinking of the story of David and the lady and then I realized why there's a Veggie Tale movie about a King who's really greedy and takes all the ducks." I gotta say, King George And The Duckie wasn't top on my mind of "everything" make sense all of a sudden. But, I've also gotta say, that I'm glad he put two and two together himself. It's always a lot more fun when we come to those conclusions on our own, isn't it? 

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