Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ant Fun

It's not very often we make junk food style snacks here. Not because we have a rule against junk food, but because finding sugar free junk food is kinda.. well not too possible. Plus, we don't normally do artificial sugars, but sometimes we make exceptions.

This month while picking up our honey and flours from the local health food store I spotted sugar-free marshmallows that are shaped exactly like sugary ones. In fact, I had to do a double take when I saw the word Sugar Free written across them.

I was really excited when I spotted them because I'd spotted a fun ant snack the boys could make with marshmallows, pretzels, and currants or M&M's and a dash of peanut butter. Needless to say I snagged a bag! Unfortunately Jayden spotted them and I had to fight him off until snack time because honestly he was over the moon excited that I bought "real marshmallows!" from the shop and that he could actually eat them!

I gave the boys each 3 marshmallows, a smidge of peanut butter, a few currants, and some pretzel rods. Yes, those pretzels are seriously long, but the boys were adapt at chewing them off to the right size! I then showed them a picture of what they were making and left them to it.

There was some serious concentration happening around the table and a few extra marshmallows needed because some were accidentally nibbled on. There was lots of laughter when they got the ants done too.

Here's Morgan's finished ant, Jayden's is the one at the start of this post. Neither ant last long because the boys gobbled them down pretty quickly. I managed to save one, yes one miserable lone pink marshmallow, for Mr S to ask him what he thought of them. Mr S still consumes normal sugary sweets around here so he'd have had the best judgement, and he felt they were pretty close to tasting like a real marshmallow, he did not, however, stick pretzels or peanut butter on his.

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