Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wooden Nativity

Have I mentioned before that I enjoy collecting nativities? I do. I'm not one to collect much of anything, but I really enjoy collecting different nativities. We own quite a few, some here some in the US still. We have one that seems to stay out year round on the top of my microwave.

Despite all the various nativities we've owned we've never really owned one that was 100% child proof. When Morgan was all most 2 we had a glass nativity that he was quite gentle with, but after each "character" disappeared one by one over a weeks time I began to wonder what was going on. I found them all tucked neatly in his bed. Over the month (or more) that we had it out a few lost hands or other tiny bits and pieces.

That same nativity is still tucked away somewhere. The year before last we picked up another new glass nativity that was a tad whimsical. It survived one week before poor Mary was split in half and required a bit of glue and tape to repair. There was something about her scaling a mountain and toppling off when she had her poor accident.

So last year when our local Christian book store had this particular wooden one on display I made note to the family that next year (which is this year) we'd purchase that one to add to our collection! A month or so ago I was in the shop and asked about them because they had none on display. The lady working told me that they would be ordering them and put my name down on the list so they'd hold one for me, and last week she called to say it was in!

We picked it up last Friday and brought it home. Jayden was over joyed to spot the UK flag on it and couldn't contain his own excitement as he announced to everyone that it was made in England! In his excitement he asked if we could open it up as soon as we got home or did we have to wait until Christmas, and when I said we'd open it up as soon as we got home he nearly leapt out of his chair in the car as he loudly announced, "AWESOME! Morgan, let's get Mary out first, she can be the bad guy!" Morgan was less then impressed, "Jayden, Mary can not be the bad guy. First off she's Jesus' mom, and she's a girl!"


Anonymous said...

that is SO cute! I love nativities, too!!

Gae said...

Dear kendra,
We own this one too and the small ones LOVE it. Mind you the enamel paint is slightly dented, from many falls down the stairs.