Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wildcraft Herbal Game

Remember when I posted about the Wildcraft Game a few months ago? Shortly after posting about it the company sent me an email to notify me that they had found an entire palate of the games and a person could purchase one by invite only. If it hadn't been for the whole "invite only" I would have shared the news!

The day it arrived the boys and I had a blast playing it while eating lunch, only the game took us quite a while to play and took up most of the afternoon!

This is a cooperative game, which means everyone wins or everyone loses. This appealed to my guys despite their considerably aggressive need to be competitive. There's a little story that goes with this game that you're suppose to read out before you play, and then periodically you read more of it through the game if you want. The basic idea is that Grandma has sent you up the mountain to collect  pails of huckleberries. On the way up the mountain you collect trouble cards (the spots on the board marked with an x), rainbow cards (clearly marked with a rainbow), and of course herb cards (marked with a plant). There are also a few shortcuts and then there's the moon spaces you can see. The idea is to get up the mountain and back before the sun sets. Each time you land on a moon space you use a black token to cover another bit of the rising/setting sun at the top of the board. There were many squeals around the table when these spaces were landed on!

Here's the trouble cards and the herbal cards. Each one has a different trouble pictures on it when you flip it over. Anything from ear aches and hunger to tummy trouble and rashes! The herbal cards are used to combat the trouble cards with, but you have to be able to match them up in order to use them. The spinner is used in place of a dice, and I have to say there was much glee over how well that little spinner actually worked!

Each Trouble card has a small picture of an herb that can help heal the trouble. Some herbs can be used to cure more then one thing, but you can only chose to use your herb cards on one trouble card at a time. The best part is, that you can use your herb cards to help a friend who's in trouble. The boys had a lot of fun planning how and when to help each other around the board, this was so much better then the normal, "I'm gonna win!" that we often hear.  The small (slightly blurry) card in the front of the picture is the backside of a rainbow card. You can use it one of two ways: 1 you can use it straight away to help the player farthest behind to catch up. 2 you use to give another player an herbal card to cure their "trouble".

The game is over when you all collect your huckleberries and return to Grandma's house. It's lost if you can't accomplish this before the sun sets! So far we've yet to lose the game, much to the enjoyment of the boys! We really had a lot of fun playing this game, but I will admit it took longer then I anticipated to play; not that we minded.

Notes: I was not asked to review this game, we just had so much fun with it we thought we'd share! Wildcraft now appears to be back in stock and for a limited time they are offering free shipping to US residents. 

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