Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Trophy

Morgan's been playing soccer since he was three years old. At the end of each and every season he is given either a trophy and/or a medal. This is a very well cherished moment for him and he loves these keepsake tokens.

Jayden, on the other hand, has never played a season of soccer. Despite his love for sports he just doesn't do soccer. He's also never officially signed up to play any other sport as we vetoed Footy for him last year due to all games being played on Sunday mornings. This was another sore spot for him.

Needless to say Jayden was trophy"less" and medal"less" and he asked quite often if there would ever be something he could do in order to earn one. While we assured him that someday he'd probably earn one, that didn't do much for his need now.

That is, until the day he spotted a golfing trophy in a local second had shop. He stood there wide eyed and pointing at it before he finally said, "Do you think I could have that? You know, I am really good at golf, and last time I hit the ball so hard we still haven't even found it!"

For $1.50 he now has his very own special trophy, and if that wasn't enough to wow him sitting on the counter was a sports medal and when the man went to ring up the trophy he simply gave the medal to Jayden as well. Jayden is convinced it's because the man knows how hard he practices cricket, footy, and bouncing on the trampoline.  Both items are now displayed quite proudly on his bookcase, right next to the this years soccer trophy and medals.

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Michele said...

That is wonderful! I'm glad Jayden has his own trophy and medal! Just don't let Justin know about that golf trophy! Justin loves golfing!

I've tagged you in a fun meme on my blog Kendra. If you'd like to play along!