Monday, October 11, 2010

School Plans: George Washington

Jayden has a miserable cold right now so it's just Morgan and I for school this week. We were going to be learning about bees and prepping for an upcoming trip to our local Honey Farm, but that's just not going to happen this week. I was debating what to do with Morgan when I decided to try out one of the well raved about DownLoad N Go units.

These little items seem to be quite the rage in the homeschooling community right now, and while I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon so quickly with things I thought Morgan would really enjoy picking out a unit study all his own which would require no prep work on my behalf.

Morgan chose the George Washington unit, which I was tickled about because it was the one I was really wanting to check out too! My boys are still all a twiddle about the Revolutionary War. Seriously! We have a very large dollhouse that was converted into bunks for their wooden soldiers. The British were doomed to the top floors while the Americans were doomed to the bottom. There's still been several skirmishes with lego troops, and there's still plenty of dressing up and acting it out. All though in Jayden's version the Hessians aren't so bad after all.

We also have a few George Washington books we didn't end up reading during our fun Revolution study so I've pulled those back out to read with Morgan. I'm pretty sure Jayden will enjoy sitting in on those even if he is sick. In fact, it's one of the very few times we are guaranteed he'll curl up and not wiggle or make sound effects to go with the story.

There happens to be 88 pages to this unit, all though my Mac only noticed about 20 pages at first. (I wasn't using Adobe Reader and so I had to fiddle a bit.) I'm only printing out one days worth of pages at a time for his workbox, and there's plenty there to keep us very busy each day. I'll let you know what we think of it when we're done.

With Jayden being sick I was hoping to concentrate more deeply on multiplication with Morgan. We'll see how that pans out because one of the books we're awaiting hasn't shown up yet! I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun all the same though.

We'll be playing our Piggy Bank Math game for borrowing practice this week; and possibly carrying. We've reached a stage where we now subtract from $5.00 instead of just $1.00. This should also give us a great opportunity to discuss rounding a bit more. An important skill in a country that has no one cent pieces!

We'll also be making some fun multiplication bats to use for learning our multiplication facts. We're still waiting on a book for this lesson, but I think we might jump in anyway and read the book when it arrives. I've also printed out a fun multiplication color by number for him.

I also left him no more then 3 math problems to work out in his newest math journal. I then read them all out to Mr Scarecrow and he said, "What, he knows all that stuff?" I think I'm guilty of having a rather extended moment of pride when that happened. I then employed Mr S to help me with a math riddle I was working on. Would you like to try it out?

I am a number between 1 & 100.
I am an even number.
I have 2 digits.
I have 2 even digits.
I am greater then 50 & less then 90.
My 2 digits added together equal 14.
My 1st digit is greater then my 2nd digit.
I am less then eighty-seven & more then eighty-five.

What number am I? 

The idea was to provide Morgan (& Jayden) with a fun math puzzle each Friday to have them solve. The puzzle will be written out in their math journal and may or may not require any actual mathematical "skills". The idea with the above riddle was that I wanted him to be able to solve it on his own before he got to the last line. The last line is honestly only a self-check line, which is why I wrote the numbers in words vs. digits. It would take him just a tad longer to see that and if he's reading each line as he works his way down it wouldn't be a dead give-away.

We've been a tad slack around here sharing some of our fun math things, so if Morgan is cool with it we might share some of his new journal items, and we're also working on something we've dubbed the Math Jar which we'll share about as well!

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