Sunday, October 17, 2010

School Plans: The Bee Tree

Earlier this year our Home Ed group went for a field trip to the local Honey Farm. We signed up to go and, despite a terribly wet and cold morning, trekked the 30 minutes out to the farm. It wasn’t until we arrived and there was only one other family in site that I knew something was wrong. As it turned out, I’d marked the calendar wrong and we were an entire week late.
Our Home Ed group is making another trip out there this month, and we signed up straight away! We told the group we’d be camping out that way so if we didn’t show up not to panic, but we really hoped we’d make it. This week as I’ve been bustling around to get the last of things ready for our upcoming camping trip I was checking on the time of our trip to the Honey Farm, only to realize it was the week after we get back from camping.
Seriously. How on earth does one show up a week late and then come very close to showing up a week early?! The only other time that has ever happened was when I was pregnant with Morgan. I showed up an entire week early for a prenatal appointment. The nurse was impressed and said, “Wow, Kendra I don’t think we’ve ever had someone quite this timely before.” I was taken aback until she said, “You’re an entire week early!” Now that you’re done laughing... 

We’ve been saving the book The Bee Tree by Patricia Polocca to row until our visit to the Honey Farm. We knew quite early in the year that this trip was happening, but not exactly when. As soon as it popped up on the field trip calendar I pulled the book off the shelf, and grabbed a few bee books from the library. The Bee Tree is a sweet story about a little girl and her grandpa going off on an adventure, and they discover something even sweeter then honey!

As soon as I knew the home ed group was going to the Honey Farm again I made up a lapbook for this sweet story knowing that we’d be rowing it before we went. The lapbook includes many things from the manual, but I also snagged some of the freebie minit books from Homeschool Share.

We also wanted to spend lots of time learning about honey bees, after all we do consume a lot of honey! So, I also snagged all most all the little booklets for the free Honey Bee lapbook over at Homeschool Share too. I absolutely love the amount of information included in that lapbook! We’ve also been squirreling away lots of other bee stuff so we’re also using bits and pieces from The Notebooking Nook's Honey Bee mini books, Bee Unit Study & Activity Book, & Honey Bee Mini Lapbook

I absolutely love the Alphabet State books. The pictures are amazing and they are loaded with information! However, our little library system doesn’t happen to have this series of books. (All though they do have some of the country ones in this series!) While we’re still working on obtaining the collection M is for Mitten is one we don’t own. So, instead, I picked up the Michigan Lapbook for a dollar from Currclick, and I think I might have gotten it during a sale so it was a bit less. It has just enough little booklets and information in it that the boys were satisfied with what they’d learned. Needless to say, our lapbook is extremely large this week!

We’ll also be reading some of the following books:
Aside from all that fun stuff we’re also hoping to make some salt dough nuggets which we’ll paint yellow or gold. We might hide them around the house or bury them outside for the kids to find. I think our math journals this week will contain some of the fun math questions put together for this story over at Homeschool Share (can you tell we love this site? You should really check it out if you haven't!) as well as some Hexagon work.

Mr S also bought us a pack of BeesWax Candle Kit last time we were out at the Honey Farm. So I'm sure we'll have fun with those too! He also picked the boys up each a little booklet full of games and things called Polly's Honey Adventure Booklet (these are 'free' with a tour of the farm, but a tour requires a group; you also get a scoop of their delicious ice cream which is sweetened 100% with honey.) For a bit of extra gold fun we picked up an authentic (don't ask me how it can authentic) fool's gold kit

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Anonymous said...

Kendra, Thank you for sharing your Bee Tree lapbook. This was very timely. We were just at the local orchard yesterday and saw the bees.