Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Things

We’re still here at the Pumpkin Patch, but we’ve been incredibly busy the past two weeks. We’re on a six week on two week off rotation and the past two weeks we’ve been off. May I just say that there are those times when we feel the need for another week off? 
This past week (including Saturday) I was attending the TOS Expo conference for homeschoolers. Due to the time difference it started at 2 am around here for us. I, however, did not get up that early to listen to it. All though there were a couple of days where it was highly tempting, but the thought of having to stay awake with two little boys raring to go was more then I could have coped with.
Instead I was listening in anywhere from 5:30-600 am onwards. It was well worth it, but I must admit that I’m disappointed at having missed a couple of the speakers and must wait until the end of the month to catch their sessions on mp3! I’m a bit disappointed in having to wait that long; patience isn’t my strong suit.  But considering how much I enjoyed the live conferences I’m sure the wait will be well worth it, and I won’t get in trouble for the answers I give to questions either!
Oh yes, that’s right I got called out on an answer I gave during a meeting with Todd Wilson. He discussed lies homeschoolers believe, and while I had to step out during the last 15 minutes of his session I enjoyed what I did hear. He was chatting about how homeschoolers feel compelled to have a clean home because they are certain every other homeschooler does. 
Okay, so that’s not true for me. I need a clean home so I can think straight. Really, I do. I don’t mind messes, as long as we clean them up at the end of the day, if we don’t my poor head spins. So, when he asked where a clean home sat on our list and I said High while everyone else said 0 he said, “No!! Not high!! We’re going to have to go right back to the beginning again.” 
Mr S was rolling with laughter over that one. Therefore I refused to comment when he asked where cooking healthy meals for our family sat. Especially when he used comments like organic and no refined sugar. I know he was trying to make a point, but in our home we really do eat like that due to particular dietary issues. 
I will confess though that when he asked where homeschooling or educating our children sat on the list I said, “Higher.” Unless you use 100% workbooks for your homeschooling I’ve no idea how you’d avoid a mess anyway. And honestly, the messier it is generally means the more fun we had and the more the kids have retained.
I will also add that I wasn’t offended by the comment(s), but I did find them amusing, just not quite as amusing as dh did. Perhaps because I knew it was being recorded and going to be stuck there for all time. Thankfully, unlike another topic speaker, Todd didn’t use my name to go along with the comment! 
Now that all the fun of the conference is over we’ll be attempting to regain some normalcy around here. Don’t ask me quite what that is though! 
We’re back to school this week with some new workbox plans in order. I’ll share those later this week if I can spare a few minutes. I must confess that I generally do all my blogging on a weekend and let the scheduled posts do their thing, but because I was in the conference yesterday that didn’t happen so we’ll see what becomes of things this week!

We’re also hoping to have a give-away this week/month too! Did you know that Aussie Pumpkin Patch turned 1 this month? You probably did if you caught the FaceBook post. Mr S wasn’t too helpful in suggesting what to give away over there though!
I’ve also been attempting to finish off a crochet project from last year! The boys eagerly check my progress each day, and have been quite insulted that poor Mary has had no arms crocheted up for 2 days straight now. Honestly, between you and me I’m not so sure they are happening today either!
We also had a fun gymnastics meet-up this week which my boys both adored so much they’ve put in requests for lessons. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my kids on the rings or high bars because I dashed out of the house without the camera! I must say, I was quite impressed with Morgan’s willingness in the whole procedure considering his mortal fear of heights!
We also happen to be gearing up around here for an upcoming camping trip, field trip(s), birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Oh yes, you read that right Thanksgiving & Christmas.
We’re planning our annual Thanksgiving Party which family has begged us to have again this year. We’re debating the effect of inviting two other families around for it and if we can handle the cooking that would entail. 
There’s also a lot of “secret” planning happening around here for homemade Christmas Gifts. Morgan has picked quite a few from his new little book, and I’ve also got a couple up my sleeves. All though, my ideas are not from his cute new book! Just for clarification there.
I’m also busily planning away for NaNoWriMo, and debating seeing if Morgan wants to sign up too. Children can sign up but they can choose how many words they are going to write. He can weave an excellent tale by narrating it to someone so they can type it up as fast as he can think it. It would also make a fantastic English project for him, but we’ll see. 
We’ve also got some fun new maths stuff happening around here so we’ll have a few fun posts in that department to share with. We haven’t posted much about any of our math fun around here lately. All though I did have a great laugh a few weeks ago when I set Morgan up over at the Teaching Textbook Site.
It’s a math program that can be done on the computer. Now, we haven’t paid for the program we were only using the free “check us out” lessons. I was actually going to have him take the pre test for the 3rd and 4th grade level, but we ended up testing out a lesson. He flew through the first one that a few days later I had him try another one. He flew through that one too but was a tad bored by the repetition of 22 semi identical questions.
There was also a moment of teary eyed frustration because he got one problem wrong. No, really he cried. Silliest part? He’d simply typed the answer in back to front. He has this odd misconceived notion that if he gets one wrong he’s not good at what he’s doing.

And that pretty much sums up the business of our last two weeks. That is, if you don't include the entire day it took us to sort out the boys room, the hunting down of a million balloons that were lurking all over the house, attempting to identify some very territorial birds in our yard, training the dog not to jump up, purchasing a few seedlings for our garden (did you know they have miniature iceberg lettuce?), and the other million little things that add up to, well normal around here!

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