Friday, October 22, 2010

Humphrey, Humphrey, Humphrey!

Have you read the funny, funny, funny Humphrey books? If not, you’re really missing out! The boys gain audio book tokens each time they read the equivalent of 10 books around here. We keep track with a reading caterpillar pinned up in the dinning room. 
The boys both met their first 10 book goal a few weeks (or more) ago since we started the Audio Book prize and Morgan cashed in for the first 3 Humphrey books which were sold as a set through Oh my goodness! Humphrey is the funniest hamster in the whole wide world!
The stories are all written from the perspective of a hamster who happens to be the class pet in room 26 in an Longfellow Elementary. He quickly gets to know all his classmates and manages to help many of them overcome some pretty big hurdles in their lives. For instance, he helps Speak-Up-Seyeh not be afraid to speak up, and he helps Lower-Your-Voice-Aj learn to talk a tad quieter. He even helps The Most Important Person in the whole school (aka the principle)! Humphrey might be small and semi contained, thanks to the lock that doesn’t really lock, but he sure knows how to Squeak Up when the time is right! 
The boys tend to pop on a Humphrey story when they are doing the dishes thanks to the ipod dock being in the kitchen! Humphrey keeps us all laughing, laughing, laughing and I’m pretty sure we’ve all tried at least 1 Humphrey impersonation around here! I’m even considering buying the collection copy of the books for Morgan for Christmas, and a plush golden hamster to go with it! He'd go crazy for it.

While we have enjoyed the audio version of Humphrey (and will continue to) I will admit that at first the voice of Humphrey was kinda squeaky and it caught me off guard, but it quickly grew on me! We can’t wait to see what happens to Humphrey next and I’m pretty sure if I don’t upload the next book there will be mutiny in the kitchen when I ask the boys to attend to their daily dishes tasks!

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Zoo Mommy said...

Thanks so much! Perfect timing as we are looking for some new books to read around here!