Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Glove

The boys and I popped into the local bookstore, yes the one I usually avoid like the Black Plague, when I saw an advert in the window for the new Maeve Binchy book. After all, Scarlet Feather was suppose to be her last because she was going to retire. I recall saying, "Yeah Right!"

I didn't purchase the book I spotted in the window because I refused to pay $19 for a paperback, I guess I'll just have to go on the waiting list at the library for it.

We did, however, find a couple of books we did purchase that will be for upcoming unit studies. When we got to the counter the lady working told me all the books behind the counter were being sold for $7 today.

I very rarely take advantage of such deals because often what's on offer isn't really worth it, but I've seen Happy Glove mentioned many times in the past and decided I'd snatch it up.

Morgan recently sewed himself a felt teddy bear and he had so much fun with it that he's been pestering me ever since to help him make something else out of felt to sew. I thought this book would be a great for just such a purpose!

When I handed Morgan the book and told him it was full of simple sewing crafts we could work on together he was so excited he sat down and picked out his favorite ones and a few he could make as Christmas gifts for others. The clear cut instructions and photos will help him greatly, and I suspect he'll be capable of most of these on his own. He then proceeded to pester me for a few gloves. I really should have seen that one coming!

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