Thursday, October 14, 2010

Garden Visitor

Check out the bandicoot hiding out in the garden. He's only a bitty one, but incredibly brave and noisy! The other day the boys were outside playing up under the same tree they attempted to skateboard under.

There was another Revolutionary War Battle happening up there with bows and arrows and much stomping when all of a sudden the bandicoot scared them and they came running inside.

Jayden said he was going to chase it and try to shoot it with his suction cup bow and arrow to see if he could catch it to hold. However, Morgan running away screaming caused Jayden to think it might be an alligator roaming the property instead of a bandicoot?!

Yesterday, Morgan was sitting at the dinning room table reading Nate The Great to us. He's mid sentence when I jump up and say, "Check it out guys, there's the mysterious beast who scared you!" By the time I'd gotten the camera Mr Bandicoot had hopped across (yes they hop/bounce) across the small dirt patch towards the grassier area looking for seeds and bugs. Apparently he didn't get the nocturnal memo.

I managed to open the sliding door on the deck and stand there for ages without it effecting this silly fellow. It wasn't until I actually stepped out onto the deck that he bounced away. That didn't last for long, he quickly came back out and made his way across the exact same path again eventually hiding in the longer foliage (which is a nicer word for really messy part of the garden!)

He then bounded up and away under the fence. We had fun watching him for a few minutes before returning to our story. We were not only surprised to see him out and about in the middle of that afternoon, but equally surprised that Buster could have cared less about it. Now you might understand why I'm still convinced he's been in cahoots with the mice around here..

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