Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun At The Park

A week or so ago we accompanied Mr S on a business meeting, and by accompany I mean we dropped him off and went to hang out at a local park. The boys had a blast playing on this train and the rest of the play equipment that's not in the picture.

The covered area in the background is the "train station" where some of us were ordered to wait until the train arrived. I'm pretty sure I should have asked for a refund because by the time the train got to me the Engineer was worn out and decided it was time to take a boating trip.

Looks like the captain of this ship could certainly use some driving lessons! It appears that all his passengers jumped ship out of terror, or is that laughter?

Jayden and his Carrot decided to show us what the Statue of Liberty would like if it just so happened to be along the coast of Tasmania. Don't you think it's a good resemblance?

He's also pretty good at changing faces and emotions pretty quickly "just for fun". 

Don't you just love that toothless grin? If he's lucky he might have a few teeth by Christmas!

Then there's the whole macho look too.. All in a day's work.

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