Saturday, October 9, 2010

Footy Fever

The last two weekends in a row we had Footy Fever around here as we watched the Grand Final. Needless to say our spirits were crushed and we were highly disappointed in the ending of the second game. However, there was much Footy Spirit around the house as we geared up for each game.

Remember how I said Morgan went and made signs and posted them all over the place? Well, as I was cleaning up the signs and debating which ones were just too cute or fun I stumbled upon one that made me giggle and that eventually turned into an all out laugh.

Now, you have to understand. Morgan has always been a big drawer, and we're desperately seeking art lessons for him to inspire this desire a bit more. Finding pictures, posters, and notes around the house from his is not abnormal. He's even been known to slip notes under the bathroom doors to people, leave them tucked under our pillows, and he plays "mail" on a regular basis.

This was pinned to the door of the rumpus room and the only way we could gain access was to align ourselves with the Saints for the Grand Final! Never mind that we were all hoping the same team would win anyway, but I still found the sign so funny. I especially love how he couldn't squeeze a little i in next to the N so he drew the i over the n and then used an arrow to indicate where the letters belonged. Or, hehe, how about writing 'reporters' instead or supporters.  His "s" issue might have gotten in the way there, who knows. I really loved the way he spelled only though, that y over the second e was what pushed me over the edge to full fledged laughter!

And for those of you non-Aussies or non footy fans, there's a crossed out bird on the bottom because the Saints were playing the Magpies. Therefore, no Pies allowed! There was an additional sign that actually said "No Pies!" which was equally amusing, but didn't tickle my funny bone as much as this one did!

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