Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Camp 2010

This past week(end) we were away on our annual camping trip. Our gang opted to take our tent with us and camp outside. It was all fun and games until first it rained on us leaving a nifty puddle under the tent on our tarp, and then proceeded to frost us in! Good times people, good times! Did I mention that we only took summer sleeping bags with us? Yes, I know it’s only spring, but we’ve never needed more then flannel jammies and spring bags down there before. I suppose we should have noticed the snow on the mountain and taken warmer supplies, but in our defense we didn’t see it until we were halfway there.
There was an overflow of some of the typical winged wildlife this year too. We’ve always had the various swallows & robins, but this year they were plentiful and slightly pesky too. In fact, one afternoon we were sitting at a picnic table with a plate of biscuits playing a game when a silly Welcome Sparrow swooped and paused just long enough to poo on our plate of goodies! I am guilty of shouting after it, “You’re not very welcoming!”  The Scarlet Robins took a huge liking to our car, or rather their reflection in the car windows and mirrors. Man, our is in need of a 
serious washing!

Saturday Mr S and I put together a huge treasure hunt for everyone else. We thought it would be huge fun to set up a big treasure hunt with clues all over camp, so Friday afternoon we took our big picnic blanket outside and worked on rhymes that would lead people from one spot to the next. Then, using our ever cunning stealth mode, we hide the clues all over camp before everyone else arrived. The actual prizes weren’t hidden until just before the first clue was revealed.

The treasure hunt was an extreme hit, and I can’t tell you how much fun we had watching everyone try to figure out the rhymes. We thought they’d blow through them, but each person had their own ideas and so there were many avenues taken in order to try and find the answers. We nearly lost it when two different people were literally under a clue but had absolutely no idea, and gave up on that particular area of search because everyone else was certain they were off the path!

We celebrated our 11th anniversary, and a sweet sister-in-law baked these two amazing cakes and made the truffles! You see with all the family together we have to make things sugar-free (the light cake), chocolate free (the light cake), & gluten free (the truffles). All of it got a huge thumbs up, including the bouquet that a sweet niece made. Personally, I think I should take some flower arranging lessons from her! There was also the funniest rendition of “Happy Anniversary” (sung to the tune of Happy Birthday) that I’ve ever heard in my life, and thus I’m rolling with laughter in each picture they tried to take after the song ended.

We celebrated a birthday as well! Yes, that’s right we share our anniversary with the same date as my sister-in-law’s birthday! That meant another three cakes, and honestly there were no complaints there. Two more chocolate mud cakes and then a yummy lemon strawberry cake (sugar free & chocolate free!) All were given big thumbs up!

Once it was dark out we brought out the sparklers, a birthday tradition in our house and the boys wanted to know if we’d take them to camp with us. We did, but honestly I do not recommend the Reject Shop sparklers! We’ve always gone with Chicken Feed (I know, I’m so cheap!) or Woolies brand(s) and never had issues, but wowser the ones we took this time took forever to light! 

Once the sparklers ran out we pulled out glow sticks. These are also a birthday tradition in our home and the boys asked if we could take some of these as well, and we decided it would be super fun in the dark at camp! Lots of fun with these, including a few games of night tag. 

Our evening ended with a beautiful bonfire which was both fun and warming! There was much temptation in the middle of the night to pick the tent up and move it closer, it probably would have kept the frost off too! No one remembered to bring marshmallows though, and there was a few grumbles around the campfire for it. 

Before packing up to head home again we went for our annual walk in the bush. Waterfalls, leeches, and Black Cockatoos were all spotted on the walk. There was also a lot of giggles, pictures, and insanity when it was discovered that I had not been joking about joining them on our walk in 4 layers of clothing, one of which included pink snowman jammies. What can I say, I was cold!

We came home tired but happy. The boys are all ready making plans for next year. Some of which includes, but is not limited to wombats, chocolate, marshmallows, bigger treasure hunts. 


Phyllis said...

That looks like it was a fabulous family camp!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Okay, Australia wins - your robins are much cuter than their American cousins - I did read that robins our so territorial they will fight their own reflections in windows - but I've never seen it.