Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Face Painting

Sunday we enjoyed having some relatives over for lunch. The boys are always excited when people come to visit, but Kathryn is one of their favorite cousins.

In fact, unfortunately for her, a certain child had plans to marry her for a while. He even had a backup plan to marry another cousin if this one fell through, and if that cousin fell through he was willing to marry the tooth fairy! But then, the Tooth Fairy brought him such an awesome gift that he bumped her to the top of the list; the 'other' cousin babysat him so she was moved to second place, and poor Kathryn was bumped down to third place! But, I digress..

Kathryn needed some willing little boys to face paint so she could practice her very awesome skills. Of course, we had two willing participants! Morgan asked her to paint him into a lego man. He then proceeded to show her one of his Lego Softies (have I shared pictures of those? I really must they are totally awesome!) and Kathryn indulged him with yellow face paint. The rest of us? We had a really hard time taking Morgan too seriously with a goatee.

Jayden, however, picked something from the book for Kathryn to face paint and then proceeded to wiggle and scoot around while he was getting his face done. I felt for her, I really did.. after all I'm the one who has to cut the little Wiggle Worm's hair. We then had a toothless pumpkin appear.

Jayden loved his face paint so much that he was caught running to the mirror several times through the afternoon and into the evening. I finally asked him what he was doing and he said, "Just checking that my paint is still there!" When I announced that it was bath time he said, "I'll try not to get my face wet." and when I told him he had to wash it off now he was heartbroken, until I reminded him I was certain Kathryn would do another design for him!

Note: Did you notice the pretty flowers on Kathryn's face in the top picture? She did it herself in the mirror! The boys told us all about it afterwards and were really impressed by how "easy she made it look!"

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Julie said...

What fun! The boys look great.