Saturday, September 11, 2010

Schoolhouse Expo

Living in Tasmania I don't have many opportunities to go to homeschool conferences, and honestly I'm not sure I'd take up too many offers to do so. I'd probably be way too choosey about who was speaking and be more interested in seeing all sorts of goodies we don't normally have the opportunity to see first hand Down Under.

Last year The Old Schoolhouse magazine had an online homeschool conference that they called an Expo. I debated for weeks about attending, but put off my buying my ticket so long they sold out. Heart Of The Matter Online magazine also happens to have an online conference each year, but I've never attended one of those either.

The thing is, when you're 15+ hours (on average) ahead of the rest of the world it makes "meeting up", even in cyber space, pretty hard! Many of the meetings would have meant me rising at some insanely early hour, such as 2 am, in order to attend. The upside was that you'd get to download the conference meetings as mp3s, but until all most a month after the conference! I found that frustrating, and honestly, slightly unfair considering my time difference dilemma.

All that aside, I signed up this year for the Schoolhouse Expo as soon as they announced the tickets were on special. I figured even if I did have to wait a month (which I will) for certain meetings it was better then missing out on some encouragement. I figure when they are released I can pop them in my ipod and listen to them when I'm out on my daily walks.

Amazingly enough, there was a Pre Expo earlier this month that was actually at a semi normal time for me! So, after racing Mr S down to the ferry one morning and reminding my boys that they needed to do their chores while I had a "meeting" on the computer I settled in.  That evening Jeanie Fullbright & Dr. Jay Wile both spoke. I must admit that while I was present for Jeanie Fullbright's chat, I honestly can't wait to hear it again when it's released after the Expo was over.

It was really an amazing meeting that reiterated so many things I really needed to hear at that time. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, her meeting wasn't quite as long as planned, but it was still filled to the brim with some great information and a constant reminder that in our home and school God is always first. Silly as it may sound, I was truly grateful for the reminder.

Last I'd heard tickets were still on sale for the Schoolhouse Expo, but they are due to go up in price shortly. I also heard tell that the tickets are half sold so if you're interested in getting one you might want to hurry! You'll find the list of speakers over on their website, as well as door prizes and even some fun items that are on special because of the Expo.

As a side note, because I know many of you are overseas readers (as in we don't live in the US) they won't ship door prizes overseas (or so it seems.) I won a door prize in one of the two meetings I attended at the Pre Expo and when they asked for my address and I handed out an Aussie one they requested an American address. I was still able to claim the door prize, as I simply had it sent to my parents place. (Thanks Mom & Dad.) Anyway, I thought I'd let you know.


Renelle said...

I seriously condsidered the expo but was worried I would pay for it and then miss it or not wake at the right time or something like that. So I wait with baited breath to hear everything you can tell us of wht you have learned ....ppppleaseee.!! I think when you are a homeschooler who lives a fair distance from anything or anyone you can't put a price on that encouragement. That's why I've been doing the Charlotte Mason Made Easy course. Sounds like it will be worth it. I'll still consider it and decide very soon.(want to work out the time difference and all that, like who will I manage!)

Kendra said...

Renelle, I don't know about all of it but the two people who spoke at the PreExpo were at 9 and 10 am. So that worked out really well for us!!

Then on the 21st there will be 3 people talking and the first person starts at 8 am. The next one is suppose to start around 9 am, and the last around 10 am. So.. if you work off our Tassie time you'll be set for that one anyway. ;)

I walked away with a lot more from Fullbright then I did with Wile. I just loved the reminder of how starting our days with God allows them to run ever so much more smoothly.