Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Plans: Make Way For Ducklings

September 1st marked the start of spring for those of us in Australia, and we, at the Pumpkin Patch, have been very excited by that! Despite the rain, we've been outside every minute the sun was shinning that. In fact, we hung out at the park for several hours one afternoon and the boys quickly befriended everyone in sight. Jayden was the main attraction when he lifted up his pant leg to show off his bandage which was hiding his stitches. I found it all very funny.

Anyway, due to Spring we had hoped to explore and play with the Spring Download 'N Go unit study which was recently on sale. Unfortunately, we have to wait while our library brings in a few of the books we put on hold. Hopefully they'll have much less difficulty finding them then the last batch we picked up! So while we wait we pulled out a few Five In A Row books that have spring themes or ideas in them.

This week, it's Make Way For Ducklings. This is a book we used with Morgan his kindergartan year; Jayden was all of 2. Funnily enough we own many copies of this book because Jayden loved the story so much anytime he found the book in a shop he'd refuse to let the book go! Thankfully those were op shops!

We did not make a lapbook last time around, so we'll be using the free one offered up over at Homeschool Share. I snagged the Duck Lapbook too for the boys so this lapbook is 6 pages, it's also mini in size because the boys really like the smaller ones that are much more the size of large picture books.

We'll be reading lots about ducks this week because ducks seem to remind us of spring. Plus, there's two wood ducks who live across the street from us in a fresh water pond across from the ocean. We've yet to see any ducklings with them, but we spotted some last year so we remain hopeful for this year too!

This is only two of the four pages of duck booklets in our lapbook. It's meant to be used alongside the book Ducks by Gail Gibbons, but we don't have access to the book. We're hoping we can find all the answers in the books we do have access to!

With our studies this week we'll be discussing maps, always a big topic with my guys. In fact, this is one of the first books we used to learn basic skills to read a map with. This time around I dug out a few more map books we've acquired since we first rowed this book. I'm also debating drawing them each a map that they'll need to follow in order to get us to a certain location, we'll see how that pans out.

For math this week Jayden will be doing fun activities from Spring Math, a book we picked up at a CurrClick Sale. There's a whole lot of fun stuff in here, time telling, graphing, patterning, adding, and more. Most of the activities are based on simple children's books, many of which are on our shelves.  We'll also be playing Joey-Joey together for math fact practice.

Morgan will be playing a variety of games for borrowing, carrying, and multiplication. I'm also looking at having him take a placement test for a math curriculum. Not because I have plans of purchasing the curriculum, but I'm curious to see how he'd place. I'm also looking at some fun estimation projects with him.

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I wanted to thank you for your ablog post...I have been here countless times...and I forgot to say thanks!! I like your site so much I added it to my blog so I can keep up with you.....
BUT then it was even more resourceful than I originally planned because your lapbook idea REALLY took off for homeschool co-op!!
Thanks again...