Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scary Moments

Friday we had a slow day of school, just wrapping up some outstanding projects. When we finished I left the boys downstairs playing with the lego men and string. This is a normal and favorite past time and I ran upstairs to exercise. I manage to get the VCR (yes, we still have one of those) set up and my sticky mat unrolled when I hear Jayden whimpering.  

Jayden doesn't cry very often, unless you ask him to put away the silverware, so I'm debating calling out to see what's going on or waiting for a report. I have about ten second to consider what to do when Morgan comes running up stairs and informs me Jayden needs help.  I sigh.

I ask Morgan what happened and he informs me he doesn't know. Morgan had just gotten his own lego site finished when Jayden told him to get help. Now, Jayden asking for help, specifically mine, isn't new. He won't often ask Morgan for help when he's hurt because Morgan is.. let's just say squeamish around blood. So down we go and I sit down on the couch next to Jayden.

I see nothing abnormal until I notice a tiny dot of blood on his pants. Other then that all I see is Jayden sitting there holding his hands between his legs and sniffling a bit. I ask what happened and he starts crying instead of whimpering which sent fear down my spine. Jayden isn't a big crier when he gets hurt. After all, this is the same child who hurled himself out of his own crib, twice in one night, just so he could sleep with his big brother.

I had to pry his hands out from between his legs but there was nothing on them, I had to ask him where his hurt was and he told me on his leg. I roll his pant leg back and find a gaping hole in his leg that is, in all honesty, turned inside out. Poor Morgan saw it and screamed and started running in circles with his hands over his eyes and mouth. This, of course, panicked Jayden.

To calm Morgan down without leaving Jayden on his own I simply said, "Morgan, it's okay. It's not as bad as you think. Just get me a clean cloth. A dry, clean cloth." Morgan scampers off and Jayden asks me if he's going to be okay. I assure him that he will while my mind is racing on how I'm going to get him to hospital considering I'm the only adult in the home at the moment. Mr S is in a meeting in town.

Once the cloth arrives we are able to stop the bleeding, which honestly wasn't too horrible considering the depth of this gash. I then instruct Morgan to bring me the phone. I decide to call an ambulance because it's the only way to keep pressure on the wound and get the help we need. This freaks Jayden out. He's now convinced he's going to die because ambulance help dying people, right?

I tell him he's wrong, they help hurt people. He's not convinced, and I can't concentrate on what I need to do so I tell him to wait a minute. I'm impressed with my own clarity that I remember to dial 000 instead of 911. I answer all their questions and they hang up, which I find strange but I hang up and attempt to locate Mr S. His mobile is off so we call the office he's at and pull him out of a meeting to let him know what's happening. He promises to be home soon.

I send Morgan outside to put the dog behind another gate so he doesn't bowl the medics over and have him keep an eye out for the ambulance. He's all too grateful for this job as he's been giving the couch a wide birth for the last 3 minutes anyway.

Jayden, however, is in tears and once I no longer have a job to do I start crying with him. I assure him he's not going to die and that the ambulance people would never take him without Mommy or Daddy. Then, in an effort to distract him, I start telling him how Gram-Gram & Poppy use to work for the ambulance. This doesn't have the normal effect because he's now terrified he'll have to ride in the ambulance. He's very finicky about letting other people drive him around. Strange, but true!

I point out that Nana rode in an ambulance and she could see out the window and even ask them to stop at Spotlight. He doesn't find that story as amusing as I did and when the medics come strolling up to the house he starts clawing at me. I remind him that I'm not going anywhere and they are here to help me because I can't properly fix his cut.

The first medic strolls in with a bag full of supplies and after attempting to get Jayden to stop panicking he says, "Mate, just lay back and close your eyes so I can look at your leg. That way you won't be scared of it, okay?" Jayden is happy to comply, because laying back on the couch means he's not forced to ride in the ambulance. Once the medic sees the wound he asks how he did it, and I point to the scissors in the above picture. We own two pairs of those little things; one pink, one yellow.

They put a bandage on Jayden and tell me he'll need to go to hospital for a few stitches. Then comes the big question, "There's just three of you here do you want a lift?" Jayden starts clawing me again and I have no idea, at this point, where Mr S is. I'm weighing the odds when I see Mr S running up the drive and I say, "Can I drive him to hospital or does he have to ride out now that we've called you?" I'm told that I can drive him out, and in fact it's a better option considering how frightened my child is.

They assure me that I made the right choice in calling them take a few more details and leave. We follow them to the hospital. I decide to break the bad new to Jayden now. "Jayden, the Dr might have to sew your skin closed, but I promise that it won't hurt. They'll give you a shot so you can't feel it at all. The shot might sting a little bit, but if it does you can pinch me or even shout if you want, okay?" He agrees, and we're all quite while I attempt to find a place to park at our very tiny & understaffed hospital.

We haul him in and play 20 questions with the receptionist, and then the nurse who comes to check him out. Only, the nurse doesn't check him out because she doesn't want to remove the bandaging. She's impressed with it and asks me if I did it myself. I tell her we'd called for an ambulance and they'd done it. Unfortunately, they load my child up with liquid Panadaol (Tyelnol.) We no longer give Jayden liquid medicine because the dyes and sugar content spazz him out, but in the chaos Mr S figures it's better to just let it slide. I never remember to say he has an allergy to sugar, but at least I remembered to tell them he's allergic to penicillin.

We're left to wait, and told it may be a bit because they had an ambulance bring a few people in. Waiting is no big surprise. We spent 8 hours waiting when we took Morgan in for stitches a year or two ago. This time we only have to wait 45 minutes to an hour before we're seen. Someone calls out Jayden's name. I jump up and Mr S carries J in.

Only, this fellow walks around aimlessly as though he has no idea what he's doing, so much so that I finally say, "Didn't you call for Jayden?" Apparently he had no idea we were following him, which is weird because we followed him right into the office where he went to get another chart. After waiting another 3 minutes for a bed to be prepared he finally gets a chance to check out the wound. Only he's aghast and isn't sure what to do.

I'm considering asking for another Dr at this point, but the one attending to us fetches another Dr himself, and a couple of nurses. They play with Jayden's leg and then decide how best to tackle the problem. Now that the whole shot is becoming more real Jayden is a bit more frightened because the Dr tells him it will feel like a bee sting.  While they prepare everything they ask me to hold a rubber glove full of ice on his wound to help numb the skin. Jayden is put out by this because it's cold and he just wants to go home now. To totally buy him off and keep him calm I say, "When we're done here we'll get you a prize for being so brave!"

The Dr who was unsure of himself tells us he's going to start and Jayden handles the first 4 injections without more then a whimper, but by the 5th and 6th he's bawling and shouts out, "I wish Morgan was in here and I was out there with Daddy!" I start crying, and then the Dr tells him he's brave. Jayden is unaffected by this and begs him to stop and attempts to kick him with his sore leg. Now the Dr's hands are shaking and I tell Jayden that he honestly can't kick the Dr but he can pinch me. Thankfully the Dr is done with the shot and Jayden asks if that means he can go home now. He's deeply offended when we say no.

It takes another ten minutes or so for this Dr to stitch him up, and then fetch someone to make sure he did it right. I'm beginning to doubt this Dr's judgement considering he keeps asking for help and second guessing himself. He says he's done, but that Jayden needs to stay put for a few minutes.  I'm sitting there looking at the minuscule hole in Jayden's pants, the size of the scissors, and the gash up his leg. We are told that we're lucky the whole thing hadn't been any deeper because he'd not only gashed his skin but the fat under his skin, any farther and he would have hit a tendon.

Poor Mr S was sent out because, two minutes after offering him a chair, a nurse told him there was no room and escorted him and Morgan out. We exit the examining area with Jayden walking and Morgan jumps up and says, "Jayden did you see the guy with the hurt thumb?" "No, and I don't want to. I need to get out of this place!" He promptly turns and walks as fast as he can, without running, towards the exit.

We follow suit and carry him across the parking lot as Morgan is wearing Jayden's shoes. We pack them in the car and rush home so I can get out of my workout clothes, you know, the ones I didn't get to workout in. Ten minutes later we're cruising towards town. Mr S decides to go back into the office and finish his meeting, Jayden asks if we can go to McDonald's for lunch.

That's not pain, that's a toothless grin, & that's a water cycle crown he was wearing during the accident
We drop off Mr S and I take the boys to McDonald's. There's much chatter about going to the Toy Store when we're done and Morgan wonders what Jayden will pick. Jayden wonders what Morgan will pick, and then Morgan's very excited because he didn't think he was getting a prize. They are back to laughing and being silly again, and then Jayden turns to me and says, "Do you think it was just a bad dream?" I wish Little One, I wish..


Morgan said...

Oh goodness, I'm so glad he is alright and it wasn't as bad as it could have been! Very scary indeed! I'm with Morgan on the whole blood and guts thing, I don't fair well with it either. Six years as a camp counselor as a teen forced me to step in a few very bloody occasions, but it did convince me I should not be a nurse.

Lori said...

That is scary!! Lego men and string are a favorite around here too- there is often a knife (I think they use it to pry legos a part) or scissors involved as well. I hope his boo-boo heals well!!

Jennifer said...

My son is just getting into playing with Legos and you have me wondering what the string is used for. Scary, yes, but it sounds like you were quite brave throughout the whole experience. Glad your little guy is ok.

Kendra said...

Jennifer, my guys like to tie string to things and have their lego men mountain climb up it. They also do the same thing with Beanie Kids, Stuffed animals, and anything else they can think of. I'm still unsure how he managed to snip himself like that but needless to say he hasn't put scissors near his skin since the whole ordeal!

Jess said...

Oh how awful! I hate it when the doctor's don't have an air of confidence about them too, the kids pick up on it and the whole thing is much more stressful than it needs to be. We have (only just) avoided stitches so far, but major burns have happened twice - with dressing changes twice a day! I think I'd prefer stitches.

SANDRA said...

I am glad that it was not a deeper wound and that all he needed was a few stitches. It is difficult seeing your children go through experiences like that. I never considered myself a strong person until our oldest son had skull surgery. He had stitches/sutures across his head from one side to the other.

I hope your son is on the mend soon.

Edwena said...

Praying he heals up quickly, Kendra.