Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday Fun

Now that soccer season is over, Saturdays are a bit more lazy around here. Especially when they are wet and grey and a bit chilly. See the ocean? It wasn't very happy looking. Lots of big crashing waves!

Morgan also decorated the house for the Footy Final. Lots of red, white, and black around here. He even pulled out a few clothes to match his decorations. That balloon is a mere dent in the bucket compared to what he did upstairs where we watched the game. That room was even complete with the "finish" ribbon across a doorway, and Im pretty sure I spotted a sign that said, "Saint's Fans Only!"

There was filling up air mattresses for the boys camp out that evening, and of course popcorn as they tested out the beds. Notice the dog pretending not to notice the popcorn, the beds or the camera? Don't be fooled.. He's like the ocean, you never turn your back on him.. never. Trust me.

There was popsicle eating too, all though he claimed he doesn't like the purple ones. That smile says differently. He's also sporting his new jacket which he's hardly been without since he received it. He didn't mind that the Hawks weren't playing, so long as he was still allowed to wear the jacket. Apparently the "Saints Fans Only" and black and red rules don't apply to little brothers.

There was cookie making; it was as close to black and red as I could get them. I won't share the recipe, they weren't nice enough. Honest they weren't! But, since the game ended in a draw (And Holy Cats! That was an amazing game, and I've forgiven them all for costing me 4 fingernails and half my voice!) I'll be making them again next weekend with a better recipe. If it tastes better I'll share then.

There was poster making to match his flag. All though, honestly people, twenty-four hours later and I'm still unsure where he hung the poster! I've found a lot of really cute decorations, but I've yet to spot the poster. Maybe he's tucked it away until the rematch next week..

Jayden counter acted all the black and red in the house by giving us a dash of Gold and Brown! I so love his drawings. Check out the hands! He spends hours using the dry erase board to draw us all sorts of pictures. I love his Revolutionary War scenes on the board too, must snap a photo next time he draws them..

And just to be sure we didn't forget the Hawks weren't playing, Morgan drew us a picture of a St's player. Really though, I gotta say do you think this could be Nick Dal Santo? It's the smile that makes me think so, do you agree?

There was also some Sausage Roll making. A tradition no one would be happy if I forgot! They must have their sausage rolls on Grand Final day. And really, I agree with them. You know though, the kids only stuck around long enough to gorge themselves on sausage rolls then they departed and it was up to Mr S and I to ring the bell each time the Saints scored! And boy was it ever an edge of the seat kind game, pity it ended in a draw.. I suppose the upside is we can do it all over again next week!

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