Friday, September 17, 2010

Nature Displays

Check out the size of that sea glass! It's hard to tell, but it's a beautiful blue/green color. Sitting upon it is a portion of an egg shell we found out back near our laundry line last spring. When we moved it a while back it crushed a bit more so we deposited it on the large chunk of sea glass so we could still move it to dust without demolishing the rest of the egg.

The rock behind it is one the boys found at the beach. It's beautifully smooth and grey except for the white lines that run around it and through it. The boys can spot interesting rocks a mile away and have quite a few collected up in a glass jar that sits in a window upstairs.

Here's the rest of the shelf in the hall. The cute little pinecone owls are something the boys made at family camp last year after our Owl Moon unit study. We found the shelves on the beach across the street from our house.

This shelf is directly below the one pictures above. It has another owl, Morgan loved making them! Two more shells from when we were learning about shells last year, can't wait to do that again! Another large chunk of sea glass, can you tell it came from a bottle? A silly Santa Clause, Jayden asked Mr S if he could get it for my birthday last year. Wanna know why? They know it goes Mommy's birthday, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. So Jayden figured I must really love Christmas. That scrapbook is pictures from Jayden's very first train ride, I'll have to share them some time because they are beautiful. I especially love the one of Jayden's glancing out the window in shock, excitement, and fear.

This one dosen't look as nice without seeing the whole shelf, but it's another very large chunk of sea glass leaning up against a beautifully large shell. We've also finally filled up our little glass jar of Sea Glass (pictures coming soon) when we visited a beach last week that was just littered with the stuff. My pocket was literally bulging when we got home.

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Tracey said...

I love the little owls. So cute!