Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Seaglass

A couple of weeks ago the boys and I went down to a beach in town while waiting for Mr S who was busy in a meeting. While waiting the boys had a blast playing all sorts of games in the sand and on the rocks. I, however, noticed that the beach was a treasure trove for sea glass! So much so that I threw some back because it wasn't as buffed and "done" as other pieces.

We left the beach with pockets bulging full of sea glass! It was amazing. We also managed to overfill our sea glass jar which prompted much celebration around our house. We had hoped to fill it up over the summer, but we were so busy swimming we never quite accomplished that task.

We have a large variety of colors and sizes and even shapes. We have yet to find a piece of purple or even red sea glass. Both would be super neat to find, and Morgan asks each time I come back with a piece if it happens to be purple, he's desperate to see what it looks like.

On the beach we frequent most often we tend to find the seagreen color, another beach tends to turn up lots of the clear, and another beach turns up most of the brown glass. Either way it's all amazing to see and enjoy.

Some pieces are obvious they've come from bottles. Do you see the two brown pieces that are the bottom of a bottle? There's also a clear white piece up there that has the ridges from a bottle in it too. There's debate if that lighter brown piece is orange or brown. One sea glass is buffed and smoothed in the sea it can have a slightly frosted look to it. For a long time we thought our seagreen color was actually blue until we found a beautiful piece of true blue glass.

See the different between the color of our sea marble (middle) and our blue piece (left)? That piece is a beautiful shade of blue, but we have some that are even darker and more amazing to look at. Our sea marble is still one of our most special pieces, the boys would love to find more! I can't give either of them the sea marble unless I have one for each of them, so between you and me I wouldn't mind finding another piece as well.

Here's a picture of just some of our favorite pieces. Isn't that green piece amazing? The white one was found on the beach in town that we explored. Check out the design still on the pottery, how cool is that?

This is one of Morgan's favorite pieces because he feels it's shaped very much like Tasmania. He's got an amazing way of looking at things and not one of us noticed it until he pointed it out to us!

This one looks heart shaped to us, all though not so much resting in ones hand as it does when it's laying amongst the other bits and pieces of seaglass.

So, not a piece of sea glass, but check out that shell! It looked so much like a foot I had to bring it home to show to Mr S. It now sits in my kitchen window next to my jar of sea glass. I still smile each time I see it because honestly I'm still in awe each time I see it.

And there ya go, my kitchen window (or half of it) that we can stare out while doing dishes. Morgan gave me the cute snowman who sits to the left for my birthday last year. His nose is downright adorable, and I mean the snowman.. all though Morgan now sports freckles on his nose and I think it's equally adorable! Both boys gave me the #1 Mum button for Mother's Day. It was part of a card Jayden picked out. The Faith word was part of a windchime my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas, but during a recent wind storm the wind chime was destroyed yet the word Faith remaind untouched. I had to smile at God's sense of humor and I brought it in and popped it up on my windowsill. The orange "blob" is a piece of glay with both boys finger prints on it. The glass bear is from a friend in America who saw it and thought of me, it was a sweet gift to find waiting for me one day. The wooden cross is part of Jayden's annual Easter Garden, and the Father Christmas is also from Jayden. He felt that since I liked snowmen so much I must like Christmas a lot and thus he bought me the Father Christmas. It was such cute reasoning, and I really love what's written across the man's tummy though (click the picture to read it yourself!) 

Ignore the dirty glass in the window (I can't reach them from the outside!) and check out that overflowing jar of sea glass! We're thinking of breaking it down by color and to keep on filling them up as we go.. Sounds like a fun graphing project for math, doesn't it?


Michele said...

What awesome finds! I'm coming to visit! We love seaglass and only have a tiny collection. I love that blue piece and the round one and oh that heart too! :-)

Mermaid's Purse said...

You have some pieces that are fit for a Mermaid, that was quite a hunting expedition.

Did you do a unit study out of it? If you would like some great info check out my site and click "Lesson in Sea Glass" and if you would like more info subscribe (free of course) to the 5 part series on Sea glass.

Sea Glass is such a fantastic treasure, it's steeped in history, science and allure.

Can you tell I'm a home school mom too. I love it! My son is 16 and in junior college and totally flourishing.

Happy teaching and hunting. :)

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
Deborah Leon

Phyllis said...

Beautiful seaglass! I like the marble the best. We don't get much of it any more since it became illegal to dump bottles in the bay.