Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mcdonalds & Heaven

We have a tradition in our home that the birthday person can pick a place to eat out for one meal on their special day. This is just one of few traditions we have, but one the boys look forward to each and every year.
Morgan will be 10 in February. I have to say that, a lot. He’s been reminding us since he turned 9 that next year he’d be 10. I’m pretty sure I’ll cry when it happens, but that’s not saying much because I get weepy when my kids birthdays creep nearer.
Anyway, this whole turning 10 business has Morgan up in arms. He’s delighted and excited. I’ve had a lot of, “Do you think when I’m 10 I can...” Once, I said, “I don’t know Honey, that seems an awful lot like...” but he cut me off and interjected with,  “but I’ll practically be a TEENAGER.” Teenagers are held in great awe in this house. That’s probably putting it mildly.
For the past few weeks I’ve been considering ways to make Morgan’s upcoming birthday extra special, after all he’ll be 10 and practically a teenager right? I’m apparently not the only one contemplating these thoughts.
Over dinner last night Morgan said, “Do you guys know which place I want to go to eat on my birthday?”
Now really I had great suspicion that he wanted to try out a place in town called The Three Amigos. Morgan loves Mexican, which is a good thing because when I was pregnant with that child I couldn’t get enough tacos. I actually went into labor in a Mexican restaurant! It’s just that, don’t laugh, I thought it was a tummy bug. Really. Okay, once you pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing...
“Three Amigos,” I offer.
He smiles but has no chance to answer because Jayden says, “McDonalds!”
Morgan laughs, “No Jayden, I want to go to Subs or Three Amigos. Either one is okay.”
I’m not a fan of Subway, to be honest. Their processed meats give me a migraine (literally) and they skimp on the veggies, but I’m not about to rain on his birthday plans. Jayden, on the other hand is a huge fan of Subway and requests subs each year for his birthday.
“Oh, yeah Subway would be awesome!”
“Subway? I don’t want Subway!”
Everyone stares at Morgan in total confusion and it takes him a minute to realize what he said, “I mean SPUDS. You know, the place we went for Daddy’s birthday!”
“Oh, that’s a great place too!” Jayden is also a fan of potatoes. Any kind really, but baked are his all time special favorites.
Everyone goes back to eating their dinner when Morgan says, “Mom, where do you think Jesus would have wanted to eat on his birthday.. you know if he was allowed to eat out on it and wasn’t in heaven and stuffs.”
I didn’t see this coming, and I can’t think of anything that would totally satisfy him. As I continue to debate the question with myself Jayden smiles and says:
“Oh, I’m pretty sure he would have loved to eat at Heaven’s McDonalds or Heaven KFC.”
Morgan looks mortified, “Jesus would not eat at McDonalds!”
Jayden isn’t at all surprised by this and is ready with his own defense, “He would if it was in heaven. I’m pretty sure he has his own KFC or McDonalds up there to eat at.”

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Anonymous said...

I was with you until you said "when my kids birthdays creep nearer." Birthdays around here, both mine and DS9's, come around at astronomical speeds!

I'm new to homeschooling and have enjoyed exploring your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Tammy in New Mexico, USA