Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lego Lapbook

Morgan thoroughly enjoyed the Lego Unit we worked on last week. Jayden wasn't sure he'd like it, but in the end he was equally eager each day to find out what we'd be learning and creating.

Honestly, I think their favorite part was really finding out what the challenge of the day was, but they were very good about doing the other bits and pieces first.

Morgan wrote an amazing letter to the Lego Company requesting information on working for them as a Lego designed in the future. It was a form he filled out online and then wrote his letter in the box provided. I know I saved what he wrote, but it seems to be lost in the depths of my computer. Which is a really pity, because it would have made a nice keepsake!

In short he told them how he'd learned about Christensen and who the man was to the Lego company. He explained that he'd also learned about friction and interference fit, and that he'd seen lego designers who work for the company and those who worked independently. Then he went on to tell them that he'd like to work as a designed for lego kits when he was old enough and what things would they require that he know & how old would he have to be before they hire him. Morgan also wanted to throw in that he once nearly choked on a Lego, but I strongly discouraged him from admitting that, because.. "after all you wouldn't want them to think you'll put Lego in your mouth when you work for them do you?"

We put all his booklets into a four page "mini" lapbook. Really loving the smaller size to be honest! The cover that we used was not included, so I simply printed out a picture of Clutch Powers and his gang and we pasted it on the front. The idea for doing that was based on the fact that on the last day of our studies I popped up some popcorn for the boys and we plugged in the Clutch Powers movie. Fun way to wrap it all up.

The boys also made Denmark flags in the same fashion we made the Russian Flags. It was their request and only took a minute to print out for them. I suspect they are now after collecting every flag they can think of in this fashion. We had an entire day of Lego Math, and the Lego Graph was just one small part of it.

The Lego Estimation was quite interesting, because Morgan mentioned that he's not good at guessing games like that. I liked that he remembered in some forms of estimation there's nothing to base our guesses on so there's truly no wrong answer for what we guess, but he was also nervous about being off by a lot! I asked him if he'd like to do an estimation project each week, just for fun. My idea is to fill a small jar with different objects each week and let people guess how many they think are inside each week. He's all for it, and hopes that everyone else in the house will place guesses too.


Lori said...

Sounds like a fun unit study!!

Kylie said...

Oh we have this one waiting to do hopefully in the next couple of looks like fun :)

BeckyE said...

Thanks for posting your completed book! It helps me as I look to start our Lego unit.

kkyc816 said...

How do you make a "mini" lapbook?

Aussie Pumpkin Patch said...

KKyc816, you tri the file folders down, I think we trimmed them down in height by half perhaps? & then on the sides we trimmed a bit as well. I'd have to dig out this lapbook to find out it's been about 6 years since we've done it! ;)