Monday, September 13, 2010

Craft Room

I've promised a few people a peek into my craft space, which you might recognize as one of our former "school" rooms. We seem to school at the kitchen table in the winter, and on the deck in the warmer months so I converted the room back into an office/craft area.

That's the desk I sit at when I'm sewing or scrapbooking, it butts up to a closet that's not in the picture. The closet houses my material and some of Mr S's numerous amounts of unlabelled cds. It also houses the ironing board and the heater we drag out when it's really cold in there.

The cube under the desk holds "stuffing" for pillows, stuffed toys, or whatever else we might need it for, as well as a few baggies of small material scraps.

The globe, you ask? Yeah, well I didn't rehouse it after the big rearranging efforts, but I suspect it will come down and be played with this summer by the boys. Which might be wise, because I'm pretty sure there's a layer of dust on the top of it where we can't reach too well. As for that pink blob on the carpet, I think it would be wiser if you just didn't ask.

This is what houses many of the small scrapbooking supplies I own. They are actually suppose to be kitchen spice racks or something like that. I've really no idea, I picked them up for $2 several years ago at a local shop. They use to be inside a closet in another home we lived in when that's where my crafting area was. The jars on the top shelf house colored staples, ribbon scraps, and more ribbon scraps. The bottom shelf houses, various buttons, glues, glue removers, pens, scissors, and more. The laundry pegs are not on the dowels to keep them from slipping off, I actually use the pegs when making pocket lapbooks. That collection of scissors on the desk happens to be a Mother's Day present from Morgan. 

This is my favorite spot in the craft area, the collage wall. The boys have been giving me snippets of drawings since Morgan was 2, but we only save our favoritest ones. This wall houses some of them. That blue and red circle drawing? That was Jayden's impression of Morgan's guinea pigs, I think he was 3 or 4 when he drew it.  Under it is a picture of Little Miss Sunshine he drew once his drawings stopped looking so funny, which was sweet and sad all at the same time.

There's one of Jayden's very first people drawings. It was suppose to be me. I look grumpy in that picture don't I, but I really love those incredibly long legs which give the illusion I have no tummy or rump! 

Here's one of my favorite Morgan Drawings. It's more the sweet words across the top that he wrote when he was six. "This is a picture of my mom." Don't I have beautiful stand up hair? Apparently he wasn't exactly sure how to draw the pony tail I seem to sport the majority of the time. I'm also digging those striped shoes, I'd love a pair of striped boots!

Brace yourselves for this one! This is my all time favoritest drawing by Morgan. I think he was 4 or 5 when he did this one. That's a picture of his Nana. She has two traveling cases next to her (she was preparing to go away on holiday) and she's sporting earrings (I've never seen her wear earrings!), and that's rain falling behind her that she's going on holiday to get away from. He also drew the sweater and scarf she happened to be wearing the day. Don't you love the fingers on that hand?

Okay, I'll stop oogling at my kids drawings.. This is one of the projects laying on my desk right now. I went into the craft shop to get some black material and found this nature material and a free pattern. While I didn't pick up everything called for in the pattern I was happy to walk away with a few of the nature patterns which might work well for another quilt I had in mind.

This houses a few more of our bits and pieces. The three tier bit on the left holds computer related stuff while the other two hold sewing and scrapping stuff. There's a basket of stickers up top, a picture printed, and a sticker maker that needs a refill on sticker paper. Do my shelves normally look like this? Yes, unless my children invade the felt box or pull out a spool of thread for me. The large grey basket on the right holds projects that need working on or pieces for projects that need working on. Apparently that Sponge Bob lost a leg and I'm dutifully ignoring sewing it back on. The white door you see leads to a bathroom, and the door way on the other side leads to the rumpus room. The rumpus room is where the kids usually hang out when I'm busy in the craft room, but sometimes they join me and "help".

The other side of the room houses the office stuffs. It's a tad more crowded and messy, but trust me when I say that's quite tidy! This is where I sit when I'm working on lapbooks and other printables. All though that printer on the desk top has come very close to being chucked out the second story window! The one under the desk isn't hooked up. The calendar on the left if Mr S's annual Weather Calendar that his parents have been buying him for years. It's quite the tradition and there's always much fun over oogling it each year. The drawered contraption on the left holds scrapbooking paper (also used for lapbooks) and the top is used as extra desk space which is desperately needed since the keyboard tray fell off that silly desk! 

I also made Mr S a collage wall as well. His houses pictures the boys have given him. The one at the top with the funky long arms on the left, that was Jayden's welcome home picture for Daddy after he came back from the mainland last year. The white board is one of those, "don't ask don't tell" after the boys got done with it! 

This Welcome Home sign was made by Morgan and was proudly waved at the airport, much to the delight of the elderly women waiting next to us. However, the more cherished item on the wall is the index card that says, "I love my Dad." which was handed out on a day Mr S wasn't feeling too well a few years back. The boys also painted those canvases, the swirl of colors was the one Jayden did and it too had a spaceman of some kind on it, but when you're three who cares about coloring in the lines! Morgan is patting a kola in the little cropped photograph there.

You know the calendar I'm always laughing about? The one Mr S spotted one year in Koorong and I had to walk away from him because he was laughing so hard I was afraid they'd kick us out! His sister ended up purchasing it for us as Christmas present completely unaware of the whole infatuation with it, and now it's a tradition to have one each year because they are so funny! Well, this particular cartoon came from the first one we owned and Mr S would laugh so hard about it each time he saw it that I clipped it off and put it on his wall before disposing of the rest of the calendar.

So that pretty much sums up the little blue craft room around here. There's just enough room between the two desks for us to pretend we're very important and use our wheeling desk chairs to roll across the room. Of course we have to watch out for the speedbumps in the form of children who sprawl out and color (they have coloring supplies in the closet too) or scrapbook on their own. 

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