Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cheerio's Book Of Days

When I was homeschooled, each afternoon Mom read from a book called Cheerio's Book Of Days. Only, the copy she read from was orange, which is what color the book is without it's dust jacket on. Over the course of a year I've been on the lookout for a book similar to Cheerio.

In fact I've found some that aren't too bad, but none of them compared to the high pedestal I'd gone and placed good old Cheerio up on. Which meant, I was really on the look out for a copy of the real thing.

A week or two ago I spotted several copies in great shape on ebay, and I finally purchased my very own copy of this awesome book. When it arrived in the mail last week there was oohing and ahhing over it, and many confused looks from the boys.

I told them that Gram-Gram use to read the book to me when I was homeschooled, and before they got going on their "Mom's so cool because she's homeschooled too" tangent (think that will last forever?), I started reading to them.

Each day there's a selection of poems to be read, and there's a birthday cake next to an author who happens to have a birthday on that very day. I read through two poems before Jayden interrupted me, "Excuse me Mom, but do we have to repeat all that back to you at one time?" He was perfectly content to sit and listen, but he thought this was more poetry to memorize, which completely cracked me up. He was much relieved when I told him he was just suppose to enjoy hearing these ones, but if he found one he really liked we could work on learning it.

I have no idea who Melva Holmes is, but she was the proud owner of copy number 5, 626 personally signed by Cheerio himself. I'm equally unsure why on earth she'd part ways with her book too! I am, however grateful that I am now the owner of this amazing book, autographed of not!

The back of the dust jacket explains why the author put this book together. I'm not sure if you click on the picture if you can read it or not. In short, his mother owned a 'book of days' and she left it to her son. He turned the book into a radio program so that more people could hear it, and eventually the Cheerio Book Of Days was compiled. It really is a book worth searching for!

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Tracey said...

I have never seen this before. It looks interesting. I did zoom in on the last picture but I could not read it. I wonder if the library has such a book.